I Can’t Get No Satisfaction (from my Musical Formats)

Feeling vaguely unsatisfied with every musical format out there?

Well, join the club. Here’s a breakdown of the ups and downs of our many music format lovers…

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And, a few disclaimers. ‘Pay the artist’ is complicated, but in my mind means that the format generates a meaningful and noticeable payout that is comprehensible and finds its way to the artist more often than not.  More on that here, and here.

‘Easy transferability’ refers to the ability to take the music out of one system and move it to another (ie, from CD into iTunes, for example).  And, ‘total, absolute portability’ means that you can access your collection in any country, at any time in the future, with or without a subscription obligation.


13 Responses

  1. Me

    I would, too. I’d also say that CDs have “breathtaking artwork.”

    • paul

      I’m surprised that you guys think CDs are portable. I can carry 30,000 mp3s around with little effort. The equivalent on CDs?

      I guess when it comes to artwork, I’ve never been floored by a CD insert, it’s always the vinyl gatefold that stuns me.


  2. Audiofilos Mexicanos

    Well linear tracking turntables by mid/late 80’s had all the good of control like CD.

    You could play, skip forward/backward, repeat a song. Operating from face panel or from your couch thru remote control, and of course the LP sound.

  3. HansH

    MP3’s theft proof and pays the artist? Are you sure?

    • paul

      I see your point. I was thinking, protection from personal theft. But of course, the MP3 can be duplicated and stolen an infinite amount of times.

      I’ll change that.


  4. hirezfiles

    Why CD-quality and high resolution downloads are ingnored?

  5. seaurch

    Putting an “X” in “pays the artist” for streaming is pretty disingenuous. Maybe it doesn’t pay them what they’d prefer (ten dollars per stream), but they do get paid.

    • Too low

      Ten dollars per stream? What do you think I am, some kind of petty busker?

  6. LA

    Add a column for non-interactive streaming and traditional radio as well.

    • paul

      I thought about that, but decided it was a difficult comparison because you can’t pick your songs. Though I could create an expanded list (there’s a request for more categories below, as well.)

  7. Visitor

    ‘Theft Proof’ and ‘Pays the Artist’ should be in the same category…