10 Years of Recording Industry Decline, In 10 Seconds or Less

It happened that fast.

Here’s a look at the past 10 years of recording industry revenue in the US, as measured by the RIAA.  Physical refers to sales of CD, LPs, cassettes, etc, while Digital refers to sales of downloads, streams, etc.  The pie size is scaled to the overall revenue amount, and piracy isn’t directly measured.

To watch it again, just wait or refresh.

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5 Responses

  1. Glenn Galen - Minneapolis

    Try it with a horizontal line rather than a circle.

    People can’t easily grasp the change in area of a circle..they tend to just look at the diameter.

    The area difference from the first circle to the 2011 circle is very dramatic, but we don’t really see it.

    In a horizontal line, we would see it and be much more astounded.

  2. Glenn Galen - Minneapolis

    Actually, now I see you DID just change the diameter. But that has math issues as well.

    Area = pi * radius * radius

    Anyway…you made your point. 🙂

  3. Menno

    In these figures I would like to see where vinyl steps in. It might be small market, but it surely takes its own spot in the industry. Figures show it’s growing, it will never become the standard, but it will not leave the scene. It would be good to see that here as well.

    • cremeofsumyunguy

      You don’t see it?

      It’s that little pixel on the left!

  4. FAH

    It’s all good for music listeners. With multiple ways to record and distribute music, that were not possible in years past, artists of all kind can make and distribute their music, and that huge bureaucracy of music executives and middlemen are no longer needed for people to be able to listen to music. It’s now possible to have a more direct link between artists and their fans. Of course, with the abundant supply of music, prices, and thus “recording industry” profits, should naturally decline – that’s just economics 101. But how can anybody complain. There’s a cornucopia of music available to listen to, whenever you want to listen to it, and on much smaller device than were available years ago because of the advancement in technology. Don’t let these complaints about the Recording Industry decline fool you. The “music industry” is as good as it’s ever been, with a lot more music available than what I was able to listen to when I was younger, and in much easier ways to listen to it. The only thing that’s in decline, and should be on the decline, are all those no talent record executives who’ve spent years ripping off their recording artists. Bye bye moochers, you’re no longer needed, and it’s about time!