What Else? WMG+Google, Scan-and-Match, Chuck Berry, UMG Nashville, Pandora, Savile

Warner Music Group has finally signed a deal with Google Play, the end of a year-plus holdout specifically tied to the music vertical.

Now, millions of Google’s Android users will have a far more complete catalog of MP3s to buy, including Green Day, Madonna, Neil Young, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and hundreds more.

The deal also allows Google to launch its version of a scan-and-match feature for its music service in two weeks, first in Europe and then in the United States.  Scan-and-match will allow users to quickly upload and store their music on a Google-hosted service, then stream those songs from anywhere.

The 86-year-old Chuck Berry recently revealed that he is going to release his first studio album since 1979 — that is, as soon as he finds a business partner. He has about six unheard songs written 16 years ago, and would love to share them with fans.

Universal Music Group Nashville announced the restructuring of its company with the integration of Capitol/EMI Records Nashville.  Former Capitol and EMI SVPs will take on much of the same responsibilities at UMG, as well as other many other management positions to ensure the best transition.

Elsewhere, Pandora has announced a slate of new features for its mobile apps, including embedded lyrics and better sharing functionality.  The upgrade brings the mobile experience closer inline with the internet-based version, and creates a more attractive mobile platform for advertisers.

And, the very messy fallout from disgraced BBC host Jimmy Savile continues.  Now, retired appeals court judge Dame Janet Smith is heading an inquiry into the circumstances that allowed Savile to sexually abuse hundreds of victims without any retribution.  Separately, Gary Glitter has been arrested in a connected probe, with a serious spotlight also spilling back onto the BBC.  Savile passed away last year at 84; this is the second BBC-commissioned investigation.

And, yes, that gig on the eastern seaboard and especially New York City has undoubtedly been canceled.  That includes Wall Street and almost every other office, public service, and institution as Gotham climbs out from an unprecedented deluge of water and associated fallout.  Please stay as safe and dry as possible; we’re rooting for you New York.