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The paparazzi circus surrounding Justin Bieber has now turned tragic, with a chasing photographer recently killed in Los Angeles traffic trying to snapshot the singer.  Bieber used the opportunity to intensify calls for legislation to control paparazzi excess, though questions of Constitutionality persist.  Just recently, an LA Superior Court judge tossed charges against a photographer accused of recklessly pursuing Bieber under a freshly-passed paparazzi law, based on First Amendment concerns.  It’s all part of a complicated relationship with Hollywood and music celebrities, a group that feverishly courts attention but has difficulty controlling the rabid animal that results.

Elsewhere, chart-smashing songstress Patti Page has now passed away at 85.  “Tennessee Waltz” and “(How Much Is That) Doggie In the Window” were just a few titles in a string of light sing-a-longs.

And who says Pandora gets to have all the dashboard fun?Spotify is now primed for an integration into Volvo dashes, according to details tipped by the carmaker ahead of Christmas.  Specific models and timings remain undisclosed.

The ratios are turning across other media forms as well, and reaching billionaire thresholds.  According to theEntertainment Retail Association, UK-based downloads of music, games, film, and other media topped 1.33 billion pounds, a first for the country.  That is nearly a quarter of all digital sales, and comes alongside ever-precipitating declines in physical assets and CDs and DVDs.

As one reality door slams, another one opens.  Now, the company that casted ‘Jersey Shore,’ Doron Ofir, is starting the application process for an EDM-themed reality show.  More at

This is still in its infancy (like 3D printing itself), but MP3s are now being successfully printed onto vinyl.  Pioneering experimenter Amanda Ghassaei has now effectively ‘burned’ songs onto vinyl using a resin printer, with less-than-perfect results that conceptually prove the concept.

Watch this app: Chromatik is now getting salivated over by a number of VCs, according to Business Insider.  The collaborative sheet music and recording app could transform music learning, instruction and collaboration.

Oh, and in case you missed this in the pre-Christmas rush,Spin is now retiring their print version.

And this is what happens when you have enough money to fight back.  A federal judge has now dismissed a case brought by Apple against Amazon over the use of the ‘App Store’ name.  US District judge Phyllis Hamilton failed to see any confusion between the iTunes App Store and Amazon’s Appstore for Android.

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  1. Flann O'Brien

    An mp3 printed on vinyl is like emailing a copy of a fax from a printer that is low on toner.

    I really love post-modern decostructionist irony.

  2. Visitor

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