Legal Proceedings Begin In the Matter of Jenni Rivera…

This is the beginning of a very serious and thorough examination into what downed that plane, with potentially millions in damage awards. “The truth seeking and assignment of liability process has begun,” law firm Ribbeck Law Chartered declared this morning, with a promise to diligently investigate all possible causes of the crash.  That includes everyone from the charter company, owner, maintenance crew, and even Learjet itself.

This is a high-profile, juicy case for a firm like Ribbeck, which specializes in aviation and crash-related issues (like, for example, the sunken Costa Concordia cruise).  Accordingly, the firm has now filed a petition for discovery in Chicago, with multi-million dollar payouts (and gigantic legal fees) dangling.

The action itself was initiated by the family of Jacob Yebale, a fellow passenger and make-up artist for Rivera.  “The family members of Jacob Yebale have taken the initial step to find out the real cause as to why the plane crashed,” said Monica Kelly, head of Global Aviation at Ribbeck Law.

One suggestion offered by the charter company is that the pilot may have suffered a heart attack during the flight, with the second-in-command unable to steady the craft.  That sounds like one possibiity, but one that may also involve liability.  And Ribbeck seems intent on extracting a ransom on this one, with some heavy finger-pointing already underway.  “The companies have to be punished for their dangerous wrongful behavior that has caused the loss of seven lives,” Kelly threatened. “These companies do not have feelings. They only understand dollars and cents.”

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