What a Warner Music Group Executive Makes These Days

Last year, Warner Music Group lost $190 million, with total losses over the past five years topping $695 million.

Here’s what the top executives at Warner were paid last year, according to SEC filings.

Warner Music Group.

Fiscal Year 2012.

Total Earnings/Losses: —$190 million


Stephen Cooper (CEO)

Salary+Bonus: $4.3 million

(Annual Expense Account: $1.8 million)


Lyor Cohen (CEO, Recorded Music)

Salary+Bonus: $14.0 million


Cameron Strang (CEO, Warner/Chappell)

Salary+Bonus: $2.32 million


Brian Roberts (EVP, CFO)

Salary+Bonus: $1.078 million


Stephen Macri (EVP, CFO)

Salary+Bonus: $1.571 million


Paul Robinson (EVP, General Counsel)

Salary+Bonus: $1.67 million


Edgar Bronfman, Jr.

(Chairman of the Board, January 2012)

Retainer for 1 month: $356,871


Warner Music Group losses, 2002-2012: —$9.626 billion.

26 Responses

  1. Visitor

    These corporate executives are a modern class of aristocracy. They are fairly connected with each other.

    Their high salaries might seem high to peons like us, but then again how is a man suppose to keep a private jet on the runway and the yacht running?

    • Visitor

      There’s nothing wrong with jets & yachts.

      If you don’t want to support Warner, you can just stay away.

      If you don’t want to support Google, Pirate Bay and Kim Dotcom, you don’t have that choice.

      • Visitor

        Nothing wrong with jets and yachts? You just don’t get it, do you? Warners, Google, Pirate Bay, Kim Dotcom and YOU are no different from each other. You’re all parasites, all intent on sucking the artists dry.

        • Visitor

          Oh please, the artists are in it to make money like everyone else.

          • Visitor

            “artists are in it to make money”

            No, the artists you like are in it for the love of art. You can always tell if people fake it.

          • Music Fan (used to be)

            What a f-cking Joke! These idiots get paid tons of money to loose money. Clearly they have no idea what to do otherwise they would make their company profit. I hope all these major labels wake up one day and start doing their job properly. After 10 years and billions lost how on earth can anyone pay these idiots anything. Oops sorry I forgot that they are all old friends just supporting there old habits – like a drug addict each enabling the next…FIRE ALL OF THEM and hire some 14 year old who understands the modern world we live in, it would be a lot cheaper and the money saved could go where it belongs, In the ARTISTS pockets

          • Visitor

            “hire some 14 year old who understands the modern world we live in”

            That’s actually a good idea.

          • Leon T

            Executive tells admin call marketing and get some market research. admin calls exec in marketing who tells several of his employees to hit the internet and find out what 14 year olds are “into” these days.

            14 year olds unwittingly leave large amount of mostly insignificant data on internet that marketing employees analyze and compile into enourmous spreadsheets that are reduced to a one paragraph executive summary.

            That afternoon executive is presented with what 14 year olds are into and huge bonus check. All other employees live paycheck to paycheck and hope that their last debit doesn’t overdraw their miniscule checking account. 14 year olds get corralled for shearing.

  2. iamcoreyevans

    Not bad pay for a company losing hundreds of millions of dollars.

  3. 24hrs2live

    I think Irving Azoff just found another corporation to punk.

  4. fake Tim Westergren

    AND you guys figured out a way to screw artists?

  5. the Greek

    Ok, I understand that executives in such positions with “all these responsibilities” are enjoying so high salaries. But I will never understand why they are receiving a bonus, when the company that they run… Is not profitable! What’s the point of the bonus then? Is “well done, you are killing the music industry… well done, you cannibalizing music industry ” the new definition of bonus?

  6. Dan

    And still some people wonder why they don’t “get” what’s going on out there? The fact is… IT DOESN’T MATTER TO THEM.

  7. Visitor

    Whoa! Cameron Strang is making bank.. i remember when he was just a pup selling shitty Kelly Deal records. Good for him I guess.

  8. franklingraves

    How much did your favorite Warner Music Group executive make last year?

  9. JHWeissmann

    I am at a loss for how record label execs still get paid, much less how they get paid this highly.

  10. MPeacock

    Only the senior executives make that kind of money. It is no different from any other company, the top 1% make a huge salary, bonus and perks, the rest of the employees – pennies on the dollar!

  11. jonbaltz

    Damn Warner Execs, you guys are making a lot. But you were smart enough to sign Delta Rae so that’s worth something

  12. Jacqueline

    They get excellent pays but their work hours are like doctors on call all year round so they desrve it!