What Else? Sirius, Beats, Epic, Bowie, Grammys, Sprint, Emmis, Les Miserables…

The biggest music subscription service — by far — just got bigger. Sirius XM Radio tacked an impressive 2 million net subscribers last year to finish with 23.9 million, according to stats shared by the company.

Is Beats Electronics now the Apple of headphones, a standard-setting stalwart?  Funny question, though CESseems like an orb of Beats competitors and upstarts. So let’s see what happens next: Jimmy Iovine and his beloved Beats are now preparing to unveil something interesting later today, that is, in a few hours.

Meanwhile, the CES grounds are full of headphone upstarts.  Like, House of Marley (as repped by Rohan Marley), SOUL(Ludacris), and Motorheadphones (with Lemmy the appropriate booth babe).

Because job stability is for boring industries.  Sony-ownedEpic Records has now pushed both SVP of Promotion and Strategy Erik Oleson and COO Mark Shimmel, part of a broader restructuring first reported by All Access.

Heard the new Bowie track yet? Bob Lefsetz hates it, hates the strategy around it, and hates that so many people hated his opinion.  Which means longtime Lefsetz readers are loving this debate, though the track itself is actually a nice, mellow listen.  It’s a different (and older) Bowie, for sure, but an approach that can grow on the listener.  “Where Are We Now?”… here.

And the countdown to the Grammys begins, with less than a month to go (showtime is February 10th).  Announced performers now include the Black Keys, fun., Rihanna, Mumford & Sons, and Taylor Swift, with a fresh batch soon to be announced.

There’s already an app for that (or, many apps for that), butSprint is now planning to deliver smartphones that receive FM signals directly.  These are upcoming Androids and Windows devices, and Emmis Communications will help shape the application technology.  Sprint gets a cut of resulting revenues as part of the broader radio industry deal.

And, the best-selling album in the first post-holiday week is the Les Miserables (that is, 2012) soundtrack.  According to US-based stats from Nielsen Soundscan, sales fell just under 93,000, a hair more than Mumford & Sons’ Babel.


4 Responses

  1. Visitor

    Of course, Lefsetz has “more readers that any iiving author,” so he must be right. Right?

  2. Casey

    It should be kept in mind that SiriusXM is misleading with their subscription numbers. They include all active accounts in this number. Including those who buy new vehicles with a trial and have not actually subscribed.

  3. Ramona

    I had a FM tuner on my Fusic phone from Sprint in 2007. While it wasn’t a popular phone, I suspect Sprint didn’t have to spend much to reintroduce a feature that is at least six years old.