What Else? Pandora, SoundExchange, EMI Australia, Virgin, YouTube, VEVO, WiMP, Grooveshark…

Got clout? Sony/ATV does, which is why they’ve renegotiated a royalty increase from Pandora, at least according to the New York Post.  The Sony/ATV heavyweight now includes EMI Music Publishing, which means, it’s ginormous and very influential.  Other publishers have been complaining about lopsidedly low payouts from internet radio for years, which also means that other publishers could make similar demands in the near future.

On the recording side of the stream, SoundExchange is now pointing to sharply-increasing payouts.  The group reported collections of $462 million during 2012, a 58 percent bump from 2011.  Pandora and Sirius undoubtedly contributed a healthy chunk of that total (and both are healthily expanding their userbases).

And the global, post-merger trembling continues. This time, EMI Australia chairman Mark Poston has stepped down.  Poston was  chairman and senior VP marketing of Australasia.

Elsewhere, Island co-president Ted Cockle is now President of Virgin Records UK.

And yes, YouTube invests in content.  According to a report this morning from AllThingsD, Google is about to acquire a minority share in VEVO.

Upstart Norwegian streaming service WiMP continues to stretch beyond Scandinavia.  The service is officially ‘live live’ in Poland, with another partnership – this time, with mobile operator P – also finalized.

And, Digital Music News’ long-running legal defense against Grooveshark continues, with the gears just getting started on an appeal with the State of California.  Deliberations this morning in Beverly Hills will focus on exactly which paperwork will be included in the challenge.


2 Responses

  1. hippydog

    Quote “Digital Music News’ long-running legal defense against Grooveshark continues, with the gears just getting started on an appeal with the State of California.”

    When do we get an update on the whole Grooveshark VS DMN?

  2. Kevin Constable Jr.

    Hey Paul, how come u have not covered this huge INVESTIGATE story that appeared LAST WEEK in Village Voice, LA Weekly and 20 other major cities about the exploitation + stealing of artist’s CONTENT + their AD REVENUE by both MAKER STUDIOS and MACHINIMA?

    It seems right up your alley. Cause I respect that you are the people’s champion for Artists Rights, and not ripping off artists, and anti-piracy, etc. Maybe it’s because you haven’t seen the story, hard 2 believe. Maybe it’s because your boss Ken Hertz won’t let you report on it, cause he’s editing this website for only favorable stories to him like Vevo/Google. or maybe it’s because his two conies/ puppets that he installed at Maker Studios — Courtney Holt and Jeremy Welt — all THREE OF THEM DID NOTHING TO STOP THESE BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES (some illegal) by Maker Studios. We all know the hand that Hertz had in these matters. None of these schlumps did anything RIGHT or ETHICAL to try to stop the exploitation of video creators + artists by FORCING THEM TO WORK FOR MAKER STUDIOS FOR …”THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.” THIS IS SHAMEFUL AND DISGUSTING, PIGGY LAWYER BEHAVIOR. AND BY HOLT TOO, WHO IS COO OF MAKER AND COULD STOP OR DISCOURAGE THIS AT ANY TIME. IF HE DID, THEN HE SHOULD RESPOND AND SAY SO AND GO ON THE RECORD. BUT HE”S A PUPPET FOR HERTZ FOR MANY YEARS AND A “PLANT”, A “MOLE” IN ALL THE COMPANY”S HE PLACED IN BY HERTZ (Same as druggie/hooker boy Welt) SO I CAN”T IMAGINE THESE 3 YO-YO’s did anything but ENABLE the HORRID POLICIES WE”VE ALL READ ABOUT IN THIS STORY. For Chrissakes, they are holding HOSTAGE these artist’s Google Ad Sense accounts which is Ad Revenue that THEIR CONTENT THAT THEY CREATED (!) generates for Maker Studios and Machinima. And then Hertz allegedly uses his influence to both rip off and exploit artists (be it video content creators, songwriters like the old music biz execs, etc.) and then leverage that to help his buddy Rio get funding form Google for the limping Vevo which certainly isn’t any kind of revolution except maybe from the last century when they launched videos at VH1.com. Okay, let’s see who is ethical and has an honest conscience to go on the record. It looks bad for all 3 of these guys – Welt, Holt + Hertz – to be ‘party’ to endorsing these policies and OUTRIGHT STEALING AND HIJACKING OF ARTISTS MONEY THAT IS IN THEIR PERSONAL GOOGLE AD SENSE ACCOUNTS. READ THE STORY FOR YOURSELF, IT”S SICKENING. AND WITH HERTZ IN THE LEGAL/VC MIX AT MAKER STUDIOS< AND PLACING HOLT (as COO) + WELT (as VP MARKETING but now gone to Hertz next parasitic 'victim' Sean Combs Revolt), THEY ALL HAVE SOME EXPLAINING TO DO. INSTEAD OF TRYING TO HIDE OUT AND ACT LIKE THEY HAVE NO ROLE IN THIS GROSS BUSINESS CONDUCT AGAINST SPIRIT OF ARTISTS EVERYWHERE.