Music Discovery. Brought to You by the Pirate Bay…

Are you willing to dance with this devil?  Sadly, artists now have little choice but to accept any offer that delivers tonnage and huge reach.  Because for all the investment and theorizing around ‘music discovery,’ most users aren’t actively searching for new stuff and aren’t getting ‘turned on’ by discovery apps.

But beyond that, there’s a strong argument that audiences rarely make individual listening decisions.  In other words, their tastes are largely influenced by peers, relative popularity (comfort in crowds) and recommendations from major outlets (whether Coachella, KCRW, or Hot97).

Which is exactly why this duo enlisted in the Promo Bay, the Pirate Bay adjunct that features videos and content front and center.  The Pirate Bay is automatically driving a percentage of traffic to the Promo Bay, which translates into an immense amount of visitors.

The downsides are obvious, but so is the upside.  Because after all, you’ve now heard of this group.

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  1. hippydog

    Quote “there’s a strong argument that audiences rarely make individual listening decisions. In other words, their tastes are largely influenced by peers, relative popularity (comfort in crowds) and recommendations from major outlets ”
    Not just ANY major outlet.. local major outlets or Genre specific outlets..
    the “Promo Bay” still doesnt meet those above quoted requirements..
    Matter of fact, must digital models dont meet those requirements very well (with some minor exceptions)

    • Visitor

      oh lord not this tired old chestnut AGAIN… they keep trying to work this story and it gets more pathetic every time it’s trotted out…

      and what’s worse, it’s pretty much as innaffective as anything bogus form of “web promotion”…

      Smells Like Pirate Desperation, The Promo Bay now Elitist Gatekeeper

  2. Visitor

    I had a very good conversation with a Special Agent from the US Homeland Security Investigations about Pirate Bay.
    He said they are working with their foreign law enforcement counterparts to stop it.
    I recommend that you report not only Pirate Bay but also similar organized crime sites here:
    They listen!

    • charmtrap

      Yeah, TPB has only been open for 10 years. I’m sure it’ll be going down any minute now.

          • Gaiapunk

            Last I checked both Mega and TPB are up, it’s 2013 people need to wake up, there are new models, they’re better for artists. Look for Flattr and Chirpify to be major disruptors this year.

          • Visitor

            “it’s 2013 people need to wake up, there are new models, they’re better for artists.”
            Yes, things are changing! Old pirates have to understand that.
            6 Strikes and similar initiatives appear all over the globe right now. MegaUpload and a lot of other criminal sites are dead already, and more will follow.
            The Piracy Decade is over, and the two new models are:
            1) Sell your music! Don’t give it away on Spotify & elsewhere anymore. The race to the bottom is finally over.
            2) Sue pirates for reasonable amounts that they can afford to pay. A clear majority want to punish illegal downloaders now, so you’re in sync with the population when you protect your property.

          • Visitor

            Thank you very much!
            Especially for boiling the new paradigm down to a catchy slogan:
            Sell & Sue!

          • Visitor

            “Sell and Sue” is not the new paradigm. It’s the old paradigm. And it’s not working for artists nor is it working for their fans and listeners.

          • Visitor

            Sorry, but that’s just total nonsense…
            Here are the facts of life:
            1) If you can steal a product without getting sued, the product won’t be sold.
            2) If the product isn’t sold, it won’t be produced anymore.
            See, nobody cared much about piracy except artists and other rightholders before the global economic crisis.
            But the world can no longer afford to lose billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands jobs every year because of piracy.
            So a clear majority want to punish illegal downloaders now. And that changes everything.
            The old paradigm said:
            Give Your Sh!t Away
            The new says:
            Sell and Sue
            New artists don’t want to get raped.
            Not by labels, not by streaming services, not by pirates.
            Get over it…

          • Versus

            That’s because the suing part hasn’t really been tried yet. Better yet, firm criminal penalties that don’t require a lawsuit.

            – V

          • Visitor

            “Better yet, firm criminal penalties that don’t require a lawsuit.”
            I do believe fines should be moderate for downloaders, though.
            Maybe $100-200 per infringement.
            That’s what most people find reasonable, and I think it’s important to be in sync with the majority of the population.

          • Visitor

            You’re bitter.. We get it..
            It’s quite simple to find numbers that agree with your position.
            “NPE [non-practicing entities/patent trolls] lawsuits are associated with half a trillion dollars of lost wealth to defendants from 1990 through 2010 “
            You’ve proven nothing.

          • Visitor

            I’m quite sure law suits are nothing new to the music industry.
            Your facts of life are nothing more than a false dichotomy.
            Your numbers about jobs, etc. are baseless and shortsighted.
            I know what report you’re pulling from and I know you’re being selective with the results.

          • Visitor

            “Your numbers about jobs, etc. are baseless”

            Here are the facts:
            According to Unesco, 10 billion Euros and 185,000 jobs were lost in 2008 because of piracy in the EU.

            According to Institute for Policy Innovation, $58 billion and 373,000 jobs were lost in 2007 because of piracy in the US.
            Siwek, Stephen E.,The True Cost of Piracy to the U.S. Economy, report for the Institute for Policy Innovation, Oct. 2007.

  3. Visitor

    Remember how we used to deal with pirates in the 1600s. That’s the way to do it.

    • Visitor

      Nah, fines will do nicely. 🙂
      And perhaps we should stop calling them ‘pirates’?
      After all, they’re just a bunch of shoplifters and should be treated as such.

        • Visitor

          Fines started in New Zealand this week.
          6 Strikes start in the US this month.
          Fines, disconnection and server confiscations start in Russia this spring.
          Similar initiatives are coming to or being established in a wide range of other countries across the world in an unprecedented global war against pirates.

  4. Visitor

    Sometimes it’s more comfortable to embrace the old while convincing ourselves it’s new….yeah, we’re gonna do it!