What Else? Grammys Alert, Pandora Perspective, Evntlive, Mega, Timbre, Bjork…

And the 55th Grammy Awards are a wrap, though the LAPD found itself juggling a nightmarish scenario on Sunday night.  The reason is that rampaging murderer (and ex-LAPD cop) Christopher Dorner was overwhelming an already-taxed police force, with Grammy patrol one reason.  The cash-strapped municipality approved a $1 million reward to accelerate Dorner’s capture, while the force has issued a ‘tactical alert’ with troops drawn in.

Manhunts aside, the constellation of Grammy parties and shindigs went off without a hitch.  Pre-parties and after-parties were dotted around the city, with typically-splashy celebrations tossed by the likes of Clive Davis and Cash Money Records.

And the biggest loser?  That might be Justin Bieber, one of the best-selling artists of the year who received another big donut from the Academy.  Which means, he’s now the 55th artist to never receive a Grammy.

Is Pandora facing a decline?  That depends on the perspective: according to January stats revealed by Pandora, active listeners gained 38 percent year-over-year to 65.6 million, while listener hours boomed 47 percent to 1.39 billion.  On a month-to-month basis, however, listening hours are flat and active users have declined about 2.2 percent.  Which means, it’s probably premature to call anything.

Which brings us to TuneIn Radio, the well-funded, heavily-trafficked radio platform with more than 40 million listeners.  Just one problem: its interface has always been a tawdry mess, though it ultimately worked.  Which is why TuneIn is now pushing a complete overhaul, one that features a vastly-improved design, big album covers, and an overall ‘record store’ style experience.  This update spans site and app alike; tunein.com.

And the funding train lumbers forward.  The latest grabbing some cash is EvntLive, a pre-launch startup that aims to monetize larger concerts through streams and sponsorships.  Lady Gaga manager Troy Carter is one backer in the $2.3 million seed round, with Judy Estrin and Vint Cerf among those conceptualizing the model.

And, Megaupload successor Mega has just switched CEO horses, from the unassuming Tony Lentino to former InternetNZ CEO Vikram Kumar.  Kim Dotcom, meanwhile, is ratcheting the rhetoric against Megaupload slayers like the MPAA, Universal Music Group, the FBI, and Obama Administration.

So you’re walking down the street, and an app tells you ten shows playing in your immediate radius.  Do you care, even if you really care about music? That’s the question surrounding the latest discovery idea, Timbre.  “Since its initial launch in Sept 2012, Timbre has been downloaded over 100,000 times in the first 8 weeks and there have been over 2 million artist discoveries made with the app,” Timbre told Digital Music News this morning.

So why does Amanda Palmer kick ass on Kickstarter, but Bjork doesn’t?  After a short Kickstarter attempt to raise funding for an app platform expansion on Biophilia, Bjork has called her funding exploits off.  Bjork raised less than 5 percent of her 375,000 pound goal before cancelling the effort.


3 Responses

  1. Casey

    Pandora’s drop is completely typically for January. Almost every radio service declines in January because there is a surge of listeners in December due to people seeking Christmas music. Just like stores have less sales in January, internet radio has less listeners.

  2. jw

    7 of the top 10 stations on Tunein are talk radio, & all of their popular shows are talk. Not exactly what I’d call a record store experience. Also, still a long way to go in the visual department. That vignetting on the album covers is hideous.

  3. nda

    It’s 375 thousand, not just 375 pounds. Also: it was for a Windows and Android version. Maybe that’s why Bjork managed to get only a “small” percentage of the funds.