The Latest! SF Musictech, Something You Didn’t Know About Clive Davis, Morrissey, Hack Day SF, Beat Delete…

It’s one of the conferences that matters, but who are these people?  Welcome to SF Musictech Summit, always that startup-plus-industry-lifer mixture of familiar and fresh faces.  At a pre-game party at Yoshi’s, we bumped into Chris Martinez of the Tract Nightlife Network (still pre-launch, but at, an interesting EDM-inspired social media play designed to sidestep all the thorny problems created by that other giant social network.

Others bouncing around included Bryan Calhoun (Blueprint Group, formerly SoundExchange), Kurt Hanson (RAIN), mayor of conferences Ted Cohen (TAG Strategic), lyrics lifer Darryl Ballantyne (LyricFind), Stefan Aronson (SF Intercom), Stella Mowen (Amazon), and Zoo Labs curator Anna Acquistapace.  Full blast coverage ahead (hit me up at paulr@ to connect)!

Which brings us to Clive Davis, definitely not in attendance but still attracting massive media interest.  But can legendary talent-cultivating executives ignore the winds of technological change?  “For me, everything I do is the same.  I look for artists the same way,” Davis told ABC News over the weekend.  “I don’t wanna be confused.  Leave it to others.  I never paid attention when the LP became the cassette and the cassette became the CD and now we’re dealing, you know, with MP3s, it’s okay.”

Oh, there’s one other thing on Clive Davis: he’s bisexual.  “I’m still attracted to women,” Davis told Katie Couric in an exclusive interview airing today.  “You don’t have to be only one thing or another. For me, it’s the person.”

And we wonder why self-indulgent, preachy vegetarians get such a bad name.  Enter one Morrissey, who’s March 1st show at Staples Center will feature a ban on any vendor roasting ‘flesh as food,’ as well as a complete shutdown of McDonald’s.  Which means fans will be forced to walk outside to get whatever food they want, including a three minute trek to that other McDonald’s around the corner (actually, Coachella agreed to similar demands but were unable to ultimately secure the slot; back in 2009, Morrissey ended his Coachella set early after sniffing ‘burning flesh’ from a nearby concessionaire).

Back in San Francisco, Music Hack Day SF just wrapped at the lofty headquarters of TokBox. has the list of winners.

Which brings us to Beat Delete, an interesting crowdfunding concept designed to bring out-of-print vinyl titles back into circulation.  Basically, you order titles you want, and they get printed if there’s enough demand.  The idea was hatched by Ninja Tune; more at


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  1. jelnet

    +1 for Morrissey for standing up for what he believes in. I don’t think he’s being self-indulgent or preachy, if anything he probably stands to lose sales by banning meat vendors. I’m not a vegetarian myself but I applaud him for actually taking action over something he believes in. If you don’t like it, dont’ buy a ticket.