Please Help Me Welcome Our Newest Writer, Helienne Lindvall…

She’s no stranger to gutsy, irreverent journalism, and definitely isn’t afraid to take a few jabs (and return them as well).  But what really sets Helienne Lindvall apart is that she’s a musician and songwriter herself, which means she’s on the front lines of many of the issues important to the music industry and its participants.

Which also means Helienne Lindvall is absolutely perfect for Digital Music News, and will take our coverage, insight, and credibility to an entirely new level.

Many will recognize the name: Helienne (pronounced like ‘Korean’) is a longtime music industry writer for the Guardian in London.  And, that will continue: as part of a fantastically flexible arrangement, Lindvall will live in the trenches of Digital Music News, while also tackling tough Guardian responsibilities as well.  So, if she doesn’t get right back to your emails, there’s a reason.

Helienne was born and raised in Sweden, but now lives in London, which adds an entirely new geographic footprint for us as well.  Prior to landing in London, Helienne worked as a session singer, recording artist, and performer in New York.  Once in London, she inked a publishing deal with BMG Publishing Scandinavia, while working with artists on both sides of the Atlantic.

And, this isn’t Helienne’s first rodeo: apart from the Guardian, Lindvall’s been published and has written for Netopia, the Australian and STIM-Magasinet, and has appeared on Sky News, the BBC, Irish National Radio and Swedish National Radio.

So please help me give a warm, Digital Music News welcome to an incredible writer.

Paul Resnikoff, publisher. 

21 Responses

    • Kafka

      I don’t think there is a “New Billboard” as the industry has changed too much. And there will not be too many paper magazines in the near future.

  1. Mikael Sandgren

    Great news! I’ve been enjoying Helienne’s insightful writing on the music biz — mostly via the Guardian — for years. I look forward to doing the same here at DMN.

  2. Brian Zisk

    Welcome Helienne. 🙂

    Hope you’ll make it to an SF MusicTech Summit, or that we’ll meet you at SXSW, or…

    Look forward to reading your writing.

    All the best,


    • matthew king kaufman

      good idea brian, looking forward to seeing her in s.f.

    • paul

      Fly her in from London and you’ll have the best coverage of any music event, ever. 😉


  3. Ghost of Rick Ross

    Respect. Seriously great writer and the perfect addition.

  4. Shelly from ReverbNation

    Welcome Helienne!

    With you in London it seems that DMN will never sleep. (Not that I’m sure Paul ever does…)

    Looking forward to reading your insights.

  5. Nigel Elderton

    Hi Helienne,

    Welcome. I am looking forward to reading your contribution to DMN as your comments are always well researched and often insightful!

    My best regards


    European President – Peermusic

  6. Simon From The Italian Jam

    Hello everybody and welcome 2 Helienne. Glad to see you here. Simon TIJ

  7. Eric Mackay

    Great news! Helienne is one of the best writers I know; so she will make an excellent addition to DMN!

  8. Helienne

    Thank you all for your kind words – it warms my heart. You’ve indeed made me feel very welcome. Looking forward to digging deeper into the issues of the day, with you all along for the ride.

  9. Morten (from Malmö:))

    Välkommen Helienne,

    Det ska bli spännande att följa dig i DMN.

    Cheers, Morten

  10. djgnosis

    Welcome Helienne! Looking forward to reading your work.

    And Paul, congrats on classing up this joint 😉

  11. rastamouse

    Helienne = one of the best journalists writing on the music industry today

  12. Caroline at Radar

    Very nice to see you’re here, Helienne to rhyme with Korean.

    Looking forward to reading what you write,

    Caroline to rhyme with washing line