The Doritos Vending Machine Stage Is Now Becoming a SXSW Institution…

It symbolizes everything that changed SXSW, and it’s definitely confirmed to reappear this year.  It’s the larger-than-life, Doritos vending machine-turned-performance stage, and it’s being reconstructed in exactly the same place for SXSW 2013.

Which means, it’s working, and it’s gonna be here for a while.  Here’s a snapshot taken last night on 5th and Red River in downtown Austin, with the Hilton in the backdrop.

The 62-foot monstrosity is still getting some finishing touches ahead of a March 14th opening.  Whatever it was called last year, it’s now being called the Doritos BoldStage, with a Twitter-heavy, fan-engaged campaign and headliners that include LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Doug E. Fresh, and Ice Cube.

The campaign is designed to generate as much fan interaction as possible, and will be live-streamed on Facebook.  Accordingly, fans can select the opener for LL through their Twitter activity, and even stage effects will be determined by the mob.

All of which means that despite grumblings from longtime SXSWers, advertisers are getting ready to transform this little Texas town in the something Vegas-like.  Indeed, Doritos has now become a SXSW Moses for other big-name advertisers, and this little stage may soon blend into the landscape.

Paul Resnikoff, publisher, in Austin.

8 Responses

  1. Fonzie

    Eyy! These Doritos Bold BBQ Picante chips are delicious!

  2. Visitor

    SXSW used to be about discovering new music or musicians. (I am talking 20 years ago.) Today, discovery is accomplished easier and more efficiently on-line and elsewhere.

    These days, MUSIC=PRODUCT for the majority of attendees of SXSW.

    Gross commercialization is the natural progreesion for this event.

    • Visitor

      And by product in this case, we’re referring to msg laden, chemically engineered “snacks”.

      Such a bummer.

  3. Duh

    If you look at the entire weekend, they have one night of big acts to draw in attention, then they give that stage to dozens of bands you’ve never heard of. So yes, obscene. How could they?