Mobile Users Glance at Their Phones 150 Times a Day…

There’s a reason why Rhapsody languished in the background for nearly a decade.  Mobile hadn’t really arrived yet!  And when it did, subscription started surging.


Which brings us to the recently-released Tomi Ahonen Almanac for 2013, which estimates that the average mobile user checks his or her phone 150 times a day.  And of that, 13 (or 9 percent) are dedicated checks of the music player.  And that doesn’t even count streaming music in the background.

Here’s a full breakdown of those 150 checks.

Total: 150 times per day

Total Music-Related: 13 Times (9%) per day.

Image by CJ Sorg.

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  1. @mattadownes

    Where’s email Paul? I basically use my phone as a portable email machine.