What Else? Black Keys, Ultra Earthcam, SXSW Blowout, Rdio, Yes, HFA…

We have an imbroglio!  Let’s head to Tennessee, where the battleground over an anti-scalping law features barbs from Live Nation, the Black Keys, and attorney John Ray Clemmons.  Apparently, Black Keys manager Fielding Logan has been repeatedly trying to send Clemmons some gratis Black Keys tickets, part of an effort to win Clemmons’ support for the anti-scalping statute.  Whether that’s improper is unclear; Logan says he simple wanted to demonstrate the ease of transferring paperless tickets to other parties.

And just in case you need a post-SXSW fix, Ultra Music Festival is now gearing up in Miami.  But this time, there’s a twist: according to organizers, Ultra will feature ‘EarthCam‘ aerial views for online viewers to check out different stages and performers.  Ultra is happening March 15-17 and March 22-24.

Meanwhile, SXSW is now spilling with that full-blown, Spring Break-powered musical chaos.  Some of the hottest invitations of late are coming from Red Bull, Beatport, Myspace, Rachel Ray, and Sonos, with more superstar artists creeping into the schedule.  That includes the Smashing Pumpkins, appearing courtesy of Red Bull on the 16th; and Kid Cudi and Diplo, who are both slated to appear at a Myspace ‘Secret Show’ on Thursday night.

Separately, debates on Wednesday continued to surround the actual lift a band can expect from the SXSW mobbery.  Smaller bands seem to be getting swallowed, especially if some serious pre-game setup wasn’t in motion.  And, even larger ‘surprise’ artists are having problems cutting through the extreme noise (and are getting missed by fans).

Another big player down in Austin is Rdio, though this announcement has little to do with the festival.  According to details tipped to Digital Music News, Rdio has just enhanced its developer API to include an affiliate program.  So, if a developer layers Rdio into a social app and converts a subscriber, some of that money goes back to the integrating developer.

Yes fans will be having a tough day/week.  Just yesterday, the band’s guitarist and founding member Peter Banks passed away in London.

And, in hirings and firings, the Harry Fox Agency has tapped Matthew Beekman as Chief Technology Officer.