Comcast: “Under No Circumstances” Will Any Account be Disconnected…

It’s been said before, and it’s being reiterated again for customers.  Because even if a user faces ‘six strikes’ or sixty, Comcast (and other ISPs) will not be disconnecting the account.  Under any circumstances.       

Here’s a just-posted FAQ by Comcast on the Copyright Alert System.

And, let’s remember who the bad guys really are…

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3 Responses

  1. Casey

    None of the providers will disconnect users, nor should they. The internet is absolutely essential for many people and the risk of someone getting falsely disconnected for copyright violation if they didn’t actually do it would be devestating. Especially in areas where people may only have a single valid option for internet access. Nothing wrong with disconnecting true pirates, but this system is not nearly reliable nor accurate enough to take those measures.

    • Visitor


      “The content owner cannot find out your identity”

      Completely false.

      Content owners can — and will — use court orders to obtain the identies of pirates.

    • Visitor

      Sorry Casey, my comcast-message wasn’t meant as a response to you.