What Else? YouTube Hits a Billion, Artist Growth Gets $2 Million, ID&T Acquired, Canadian Music Week, Spotify+Telefonica, Rumblefish…

Riddle me this: why doesn’t YouTube have any serious competition?  The video monolith is now boasting a userbase of one billion, a considerable jump from a late-800 million figure shared in late-2011.  And remember, music videos are a massive chunk of that, with one research estimate putting the figure well past 40 percent.

And, there’s another funding round to talk about, this time from Artist Growth.  The Nashville-based company is now playing with $2 million in seed and Series A funding, according to Venture Capital Dispatch.  “Reporting and getting paid royalties for your work and performances was this cumbersome process, spread across too many disconnected apps that didn’t feel good,” founder Matt Urmy told the Wall Street Journal.

And the massive EDM rollup continues, thanks to one Robert F.X. Sillerman.  SFX has now plucked a 75 percent stake in ID&T, the Dutch promoter behind Belgium’s successful TomorrowLand.  The US-based expansion, announced at Miami Music Week, will be called ‘TomorrowWorld’ and take place on farmland outside of Atlanta.

Meanwhile, the action is just ramping up at Canadian Music Week in Toronto.  This would be the ‘chill downtempo’ remix of Miami, with the emphasis on ‘chill’: temperatures in Toronto are hovering around zero, with sprinklings of snow to complement.  Already spotted are: Catherine Moore, director of NYU’s Music Business Graduate Program, NPD researcher Russ Crupnick, Ticketfly’s Bruce Morrison, Astral Media’s Rob Basile, CMW consultant Gary Taylor, TAG Strategic maestro Ted Cohen, industry consultant (and McGill graduate) David Hazan, and… Drake (just kidding).  Actually, on the hip-hop front, A$AP Rocky performed in Toronto earlier this week, though this isn’t really the rap-focused festival.  Other headliners include Marianas Trench, Hedley, Heart (yes) and Rihanna, among 1,000 bands sprinkling the city this week.

Elsewhere, Spotify has just inked a mobile partnership with Telefonica, specifically for Movistar.  At a top level, the Spanish deal will give Movistar subscribers a discounted, bundled Spotify Premium account.

And Rumblefish has just acquired LA-based music licensing/rights platform Catalogik, a move designed to enhance a range of search, recognition, and monetization functionalities.

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  1. spassky

    Since Google+ was integrated into Youtube very early November 2011, I’m guessing this sharp increase in registered users (which LA Times cites as having occured in Oct. 2011) simply had to do with automatic and transfered registration from Google, which is annoying and often leads to people having multiple accounts anyway. Cracker jack spin on this one!

    They have a billion users just like facebook does — they don’t!

  2. Visitor

    In other news — huge victory in the war against piracy: