2013 Music Financing Hits $130 Million, Up 54.9%…

The first quarter numbers are in, and they’re dripping with hope.  According to Digital Music News first quarter tallies, music financing topped an impressive $129.7 million during the first three months of this year, an impressive 54.9 percent gain over the same period last year.

And those are just the amounts we can confirm.

The first quarter of this year, which technically ends March 31st, featured some monstrous bets.  Daisy lured $60 million from the likes of Russian billionaire Len Blavatnik, while VEVO garnered an estimated $50 million.  Other gambles included Musicmetric ($4.7 million),MusiXmatch ($3.7 million), and TakeLessons ($4 million).

Total Confirmed: $129,696,000

7 Responses

  1. visitor

    Please let’s be clear this is NOT music financing but corporate music technology industry financing.
    We know that music can make big bucks for the technologists but this does not mean more music, better music, better music production, in fact it may may mean more exploitation and profiteering off of musicians and music creators by the technology sector.

  2. ETDAWG86

    This is great news for the emerging digital markets that seem to be rapidly expanding on a daily basis.

  3. Kevin king

    No one ever says, what about the postman, what about the editor in chief, the librarian, travel agent, record store owner. Life evolves for good. Artists will be one the few professions that may have a chance to follow suit with modern technology. You just can’t pout, rather jump in and help!!

    • ethicalfan

      Your copyleft arguments are tired and worn out.
      No one ever says, what about the postman
      (just try shipping DVDs or CDs to thousands of people illegally like BitTorrent does via US Mail and you’ll end up in Federal prison for mail fraud)
      , what about the editor in chief
      (part of his job is not to plagarize, he knows he can get sued for that)
      , the librarian
      (libraries pay for products)
      , travel agent
      (travel agents get percentages based on the legal sale of services, not the illegal distribution of content)
      , record store owner
      (on new product he resells legal licenses that provide the appropriate compensation for the artists)

  4. Visitor

    “2013 Music Financing Hits $130 Million, Up 54.9%…”
    I think you mean Tech Financing.

  5. ya

    artists getting burned more than any other time in history! hehe

    big tech don’t invest in music, big tech rapes music

    big labels invested in music, call them what you want

    viva la revolucion!

  6. Guest

    85% of the investment and more than 100% of the growth is Daisy and Vevo. Not exactly startups. Not exactly venture investors.