Add Up Every Song Played. On Every Platform. And This Is What It Looks Like…

This is based on a just-released report by NPD Group, one that specifically looks at where people get their music.  And, how much music is played across what platforms.  The survey results, which are specific to the 13-35 year-old demo in the US, look like this.

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Above 36, and things start to change dramatically.  NPD found that 41 percent of listening in the older bracket happens through AM/FM radio, with far less excitement around digital platforms.

Back among the 13-35s, the shift is underway, with the car a major warzone ahead.  “Six out of 10 consumers (62 percent) between the ages of 13 and 35 who used streaming services used these services more than they had in the past,” the report indicated.  “And 51 percent reported that most of their music listening was in their cars.”

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  1. 10000000 Hz

    … surprising. Based on my observation, I would have expected higher numbers for “digital files” which I assume it what captures mobile phone/ipod/player listening… so 50% is in a “radio” format, whether over-air or digital?
    As always, more data to confirm this particular set would add confidence to any conclusions that might be drawn…

    • Visitor

      Though it’s tough to take your comment serious with such a nerdy name, I do agree.

    • hippydog

      I was also VERY surprised about those numbers.. I would totally expect the ‘digital files’ to be higher..
      What I also thought was interesting, that with streaming radio

      Free Pandora had 39%, BUT the rebroadcasting of AM/FM was in second place at 13% (i heart+tunein)
      Also with ‘internet radio’ having such a large share, I’m really surprised that advertising revenue seems to be such an issue.. If AM/FM can do it, why is the digital version struggling so much ?
      IE: THE 13% ARE listening to Ads, just no local ones.. So the consumer isnt rejecting the free options because its Ad run, it just seems the advertisers are not willing to pay for it yet (whereas FM Radio is a “known” medium)

  2. Visitor

    I don’t get it. 15-35 demo listens to radio?
    I am 50 years old and I don’t own a radio let alone listen to one. There is one in the car but I never use it. I just play the songs I have stored as digital files on flash drive or my phone

    • Statistician

      “I am 50 years old and I don’t own a radio let alone listen to one.”
      That’s called a sample size of 1

      • fifty2ivory

        Make that a sample of 2 – wait 3 because I’ll include my husband we are both 50 and in the car and at home listen to music we stream through either the Sonos or our iPhones.

    • Dad

      My 11-year old tries to monopolize the radio every time I’m in the car. You must not have kids. His other top listening platform is Youtube on the laptop and his 3rd choice is his iPod nano.

      He watches two things on TV-
      1. ESPN sportscenter
      2. Disney channel
      And nothing else.

      • Visitor

        Agreed! Speak the truth! Way more than just 11-year olds share these preferences 🙁

    • 50yearoldthatlistenstoradio

      How do you discover new music?

  3. R.P.

    I call bullshit again. pretty hilarious: BUT NOT REALLY. makes me wonder who the corrupt party here is..

  4. Tom

    It would be interesting to know how “digital file” listening breaks down between paid and unpaid. Also, how listening by platform compares to revenue by platform.

  5. Visitor

    I read somewhere that there is a decline in Catalog digital downloads because the pirates already collected these to their libraries. Current digital download releases are actually very healthy.

  6. What

    supported by your friendly radio corps:) Digital and demand are stronger than listed.

    • hippydog

      QUOTE “Digital and demand are stronger than listed”
      since you cited nothing.. you should add “in my opinion..”