Dear Chevy, Thank You for Dropping Grooveshark. Signed, Every Songwriter In America…

Welcome to the increasingly vocal, and increasingly effective, lobby of songwriters and musicians.  The following statement was just released by the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA), a broad coalition of songwriters and publishers.

For Immediate Release
April 4, 2013

STATEMENT FROM: NMPA President and CEO David Israelite

RE: Chevrolet Terminating Affiliation with Grooveshark

“Chevrolet has announced it is terminating any relationship with the theft site Grooveshark.  On behalf of all of America’s songwriters, I applaud Chevrolet for severing all ties with this company.

Grooveshark’s failure to pay for the music it uses is tantamount to stealing.  Chevrolet has had a long and close relationship with music and those who create it.  This decision shows respect to songwriters and the principle that creators deserve fair pay for their work.”

About the NMPA
Founded in 1917, the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) is the trade association representing American music publishers and their songwriting partners. The NMPA’s mandate is to protect and advance the interests of music publishers and songwriters in matters relating to the domestic and global protection of music copyrights.


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  1. Visitor

    “Dear Chevy, Thank You for Dropping Grooveshark. Signed, Every Songwriter In America…”

    Songwriters in EU appreciate the development, too…

  2. rikki

    Groovehsark is a White company…..and the RIAA has never sued Black people for stealing music……

    No black colleges who get money from the United negro Fund ever got sued.

    There has been NO mass suits in Detroit gary In Camden NJ oakcland Liberty city…far rockaway….No major black area was targeted

    But Jammie Thomas was in her 96% WHITE town of Brainerd Mn.

      • rikki

        That no one has the guts to call it racism…..

        Black people have always gotten a pass for stealing music, you can buy all the hard drives filled with 100,000 songs and videos on CL all day Ebay used to allow illegal sales too of the rap hip hop underground stuff….not much today is all on Craigslist and Backstage ..never heard of anyone getting procesuted.

        If Grooveshark owners were black Chevy wouldnt care.

        • Hmmm...

          I think you have solved Kim Dotcom’s legal problems.

          Simply hire black people to pose as the ceo or chairman of the board of his next infringement based business model.

          • rikki

            Its all about being FAIR….and open minded as to where the problem exists, even this will never get the proper attention and discussion it deserves:

          • Wow

            You’re a complete idiot and should hang up your keyboard. Fools like you waste all of our time with this effing nonsense. Go crawl back down to your ass backwards hole. Your comments are ridiculously irrelevant to this post.

  3. Visitor

    Wait, is someone on this comments thread arguing that black people get into disproprionately less legal trouble? Because that just may be the most hilarious thing I’ve ever read on the internet.

    • rikki

      Hillarious Yes but True…when it comes to stealing MUSIC and thats what this thread is about stealing Music….right?

      • FarePlay

        I think someone is playing with us and trying to hi-jack the conversation. I would like to hear more from the dark side on this.

        No pun intended, you know who I mean…………

  4. Paul Resnikoff

    Somebody please save this comment thread?

    • Central Scrutinizer

      I for one like the open comment format. You just have to take the good with the bad.

      However, Paul I thought you said you were working on that shrinking margin problem. If someone get’s into more than three back and forth comments they get squeezed out of existence.

      Anyway, it is a good thing to let Chevy know that it’s actions are not going unnoticed.

      That’s all I have to say and it probably will not save this comment thread

      • Paul Resnikoff

        We’re working on it, in the meantime we’re just doing manual updates to save the valuable information that’s getting squeezed. The comment update is part of a far broader platform update, so thanks for being patient. Some of it just involves practical steps, like setting the start of the discussions further to the left.

    • Visitor

      NMPA represents virtually all songwriters and publishers making money in America.

  5. QSDC

    Thanks for seeing the light, Chevy. Hopefully other advertisers will also begin to show discernment about what sites they choose to associate their brand with.

  6. Thankless Job

    I’m stopping short of ‘thanking’ them, because i don’t ‘thank’ everyone who walks by my car and doesn’t steal the stereo…

    That said: Chevy, you did the right thing by dropping the thieves.