These Are the World’s Most Valuable Music Markets…

These are the world’s most valuable music markets, according to just-released recording revenue figures released by industry trade group IFPI.  The size of each flag is based on the country’s revenue contribution for 2012.

The music industry counted $16.48 billion in recording revenues last year, with the US and Japan easily accounting for half of that pie.

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In descending order, the top markets are (1) USA, (2) Japan, (3) UK, (4) Germany, (5) France, (6) Australia, (7) Canada, (8) Brazil, (9) Italy, (10) Netherlands, (11) South Korea, (12) Sweden, (13) Spain, (14) India, (15) Mexico, (16) Switzerland, (17) Belgium, (18) Norway, (19) Austria, (20) China.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the top 5 countries…

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20 Responses

    • Visitor

      Yes, their tough new anti-piracy laws are effective.

  1. @mattadownes

    Japan is 4 to 1 cd to digital? Are people really still carrying around cd players?

    • amplefire

      Don’t you know that the quality of digital files on CDs (16 bit) is far superior to a compressed MP3? CD audio is superior to MP3 audio, not that most people care in today’s fast food music market where it’s all stolen anyway…

      • OhKera

        This is why I love listening to CD’s in my car, it definitely feels different, makes sense.

  2. Manish

    The Japan data seems alarming. Hard to believe that only 17% distribution is digital.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      Japan is an outlier, and quite different than the rest of the world. There’s still heavy preference and purchasing around CDs and physical.

    • ckuri

      There is nothing alarming about it. It just depends on the fan culture (putting burned CD’s or hard drives with legally downloaded singles in your shelf, is not quite the same feeling as putting physical singles in your shelf) and how well the physical goodies provided with the limited editions (it is said that Japan issues comparable more LE’s than other music markets) transfer into the virtual world.

    • amplefire

      You do realize that audio files on CDs are ALSO digital, don’t you?! 16 bit CD files are better quality than MP3s. That’s the only difference. Both formats are DIGITAL. I find it crazy how many people out there with CD burners on their laptops don’t know what a digital file is! It’s 2013 you know?!!! I’m 46 and I even know that much! 😉 While we’re on the topic, audio recorded magnetically to tape or vinyl is ANALOGUE. But when a digital file is played and passes through the air in the form of sound waves, we hear the sounds produced by means of our ANALOGUE EARS. I mention this because people talking about a world without analogue must be talking about a world without sound waves and without humans and other animals who have EARS to hear the music. “If a tree falls in the forrest, does it make a sound?”

  3. JTV Digital

    When it comes to digital sales, the top 5 should be:

    1. USA

    2. UK

    3. Japan

    4. Germany

    5. Australia


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    • Knob Twiddler

      Looking at those physical vs. digital numbers it says to *me* that we think of music as far more disposible in this country than in any other major media market. Other places where they feel music is twice as disposible as anywhere else?

      Sweden, Norway (heavy spotify territory)

      China (state sanctioned piracy of anything western)

      India (piracy free-for-all)

      Spotify may be good at providing an additional (albeit meager) income stream to a professional musician – but it’s also really good at giving people the impression your music is a valueless throwaway item.

      Yes I’m making some leaps here, I’ll give you that but it’s hard to shake a stick at those numbers breaking the way they did.

  4. John P Loopmaster

    No real suprise here. USA and Japan lead the way in digital music.

    • JTVDigital

      That being said these figures may evolve overtime since the launch of iTunes in additional Asian territories ( a few months ago).

      Results are very good already.


      JTV Digital | affordable digital music distribution

  5. Tomás

    También es relevante que España sea el país en el que el porcentaje de derechos de comunicaciónpública (performance right) sera el mas elevado: 19 %

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