What Else? Twitter Music, Save Free Radio, Pledge+Indmusic, Invest This, Synchronize That, Team Snooki Music, Spinning Turntable…

Twitter is now readying its much-anticipated, music-focused expansion, according to a tip from AllThingsD.  The company, which acquired data- and recommendation-focused We Are Hunted, is expected to push a ‘standalone music application’ to coincide with Coachella.

Is this really a matter for Congress, anyway?  Earlier on Thursday, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) announced the addition of 10 new Congressional supporters for its Local Radio Freedom Act.  The Act opposes recording royalty obligations, though major radio conglomerates like Clear Channel Communications are now inking broadly-licensed deals of their own with mega-players like Big Machine Records.  The announcement, from the massive NAB, coincides with the gigantic NAB Convention in Vegas, and raises the question of whether the recording industry is once again out-gunned in this fight.

And the great unwashed YouTube… who will clean it for us?  There’s plenty ahead on that front, including this: as of Thursday, PledgeMusic has inked a collaborative partnership with Indmusic, a company specialized in cleaning up and monetizing the action around YouTube music videos.  All of which makes sense, since YouTube is the largest platform for listening, streaming, and watching music, period.  Indmusic’s latest accomplishment involves Baauer, whose explosive ‘Harlem Shake’ was claimed, monetized, and properly counted by Indmusic.  Then again, Baauer stole piece of that track, but… that’s another story entirely.

And what streaming music service was offered a $40 million investment round, but somehow passed on the deal?  Or, somehow couldn’t secure the deal?  And, what other streaming service is apparently interested in buying said service?  Rustling more details as we speak…

While we’re asking questions, here another: what’s the market potential for EDM-focused synchronization?  That’s the light bulb (or, light show) that inspired Miami-based Division of Sound (DoS), which just acquired the catalogs of glitch hop duo Pegboard Nerds, as well as Black Hole Recordings.  Reach out to these guys… divisionofsound.com.

You cannot run.  Introducing Team Snooki Music, the latest expansion of the post-Jersey Shore, Snooki enterprise.  Get ready for more announcements on this post-label label, with inked artists B-Capp, Veronica Kole, and AdELA.

Amazingly, Turntable.fm is still throwing cash into the bonfire, though there’s another idea from cofounder Billy Chasen.  The just-launched ‘piki’ (at piki.fm)is all about shuffling through collections of friends and like-minded listeners, but without the realtime, all-in-one-room approach of Turntable.  So, think laid-back, shuffle-style curation of your friends’ collections, and let the bonfire rage on!

Meanwhile, just outside Stairwell B at Universal Music Group’s Santa Monica headquarters

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Lots more ahead!

Written while listening to araabMUZIK. Image by woolenbag@flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 Generic.