What Else? I Create Music, Google for Creators, World Creators Summit, 7digital+QNX, Pirate Bay, Gentlemanly Records, Twitter Questions, UMG+X5, MTV’s Hub, Australasian Hip-Hop…

If you’re a songwriter, producer, viral video author, musician, or hardcore music policy nerd/wonk, you might want to attend one of these upcoming affairs…

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ASCAP’s “I Create Music” Expo (Los Angeles). See you there! This publishing and songwriter-heavy affair is typically sprinkled with at least a few celebs, plus a healthy list of notable songwriters.  The action starts now (Thursday the 18th) and runs through Saturday at the Loews Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles.  Katy Perry is among the attractions; more details here.

Google for Creators (Nashville).  Flo {Thinkery} is bringing this in-depth workshop to fruition, with the action also starting Thursday.  Lead guests include Director of YouTube Next Lab Tim Shey and Director of Music Content at You Tube Vivien Lewit, not to mention performers Ashley Monroe and Mat Kearney.  The action is happening at Anthem in the Gulch on 12th; more details here.

CISAC’s World Creators Summit (Washington, DC).  This promises to be an extremely serious forum on copyright policy and issues, with CISAC (the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers) spearheading the initiative.  This is quite an extensive speaker and attendee list, with US Register of Copyrights Maria Pallante, Director of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) John Morton, David LoweryEric Hilton of Thievery Corporation, and PRS for Music CEO Robert Ashcroft recently confirmed.  Details here.

Elsewhere, the long, windy road towards dashboard dominance continues.  The latest acceleration comes from 7digital, which just tied with QNX Software Systems to integrate 7’s HTML-powered store into QNX-powered in-car infotainment systems.  All of which opens 7digital to a long list of potential manufacturers and OEMs.

And, here’s another twist in the seemingly-endless Pirate Bay flame-out.  TPB cofounder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, aka ‘anakata,’ has now been indicted on a string of hacking and fraud charges by a Swedish court.  Warg is accused of orchestrated three separate hacks that included a crack of the massive commercial database Infotorg, as well as Logica, a firm contracted by Swedish tax authorities.  The celebrity pirate/hacker was actually detained last year on the charges, after getting deported from Cambodia.

So… two hit wonder?  As PSY’s “Gentleman” careens towards 150 million YouTube views, questions surround what went right.  This may not have “Gangnam Style,” 1.5 billion-level potential, but “Gentleman” has already crashed a few records for out-of-the-gate viewing.  One source in South Korea praised the smashingly-immature ‘protagonist’ in “Gentleman,” whose ‘smell my finger’ antics are undoubtedly exciting elementary school boys worldwide.

And, as Twitter Music makes its way out of the oven, significant questions are now circling its profit potential (or lack thereof).  One unknown is whether Twitter will prompt anyone to pay for partner services like Rdio, which is offering integrated 30-second preview clips in the hopes of drawing subscriber uptake.  But will Twitter trollers pay for anything outside of their own time?

And the future of classical and jazz music is… pop-inspired, low-priced, SEO-friendly compilations.  Any questions?  That’s been the secret, iTunes-topping sauce for X5, which has just attracted a major deal with Universal Music Group.  The ‘U5‘ partnership finds X5 releasing 50+ compilations a month using the vast UMG catalog, a nice score.  It all sounds smashingly successful, but are X5 investors making their money back on this one?

Which brings us to a MTV Networks, where a Topspin-powered, DIY-focused platform is now expanding to include a broader ‘artist opportunities hub’.  That includes potential placements across the considerable MTV digital and cable outlets, including MTV, VH1, CMT, MTV Hits, MTV Jams, VH1 Soul, CMT Pure and Palladia.  Your new hub is here.

Elsewhere, there is sadness for Australasian hip hop fans.  It looks like the Nas-powered, rapper-heavy Movement Festival has been grounded, just one week before an initial date in Auckland.  The mulit-date festival tour, which vaguely resembles something like Rock the Bells, was apparently nixed because of some high-profile pullouts.  Among those jumping ship was Angel Haze and 2 Chainz, whose visa situation was muddied by legal problems back in the US.

“There’s not a lot of money in revenge…”

Inigo Montoya.

Written while listening to Decapitated.

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  1. Visitor

    TPB cofounder Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, aka ‘anakata,’ has now been indicted on a string of hacking and fraud charges.”

    According to BBC today, Mr. Warg is also accused of attempting to transfer money illegally from a bank:


    This means that pirates now have to justify bank robbery, too.

    But not to worry, they’re up to it. Here’s a hilarious comment from torrentfreak.com user ‘dondilly’:

    “Banks don’t have any money, thanks to the fractional reserve lending policies, we’re they anything other than a bank they would be declared bankrupt as they lend money they don’t have. This money that doesn’t exist then gets paid into other people’s accounts.

    In short, how can he [Warg] be charged effectively with stealing something that the banks don’t have and doesn’t exist.”


    • Central Scrutinizer

      More power to you for reading torrentfreak.

      I read about three comments over there and the crazy talk was making my head spin.

  2. Visitor

    “And, as Twitter Music makes its way out of the oven, significant questions are now circling”

    So far, I like what I see!

    iTunes integration is a particularly lovely idea.

    It may turn into a fast & easy alternative to risky & illegal downloads without any need for vpn’s and paranoia.

    Anybody knows how it integrates with YouTube? Will YouTube partners be paid (i.e. are we talking about direct YouTube streams)?