Add Up Every Piece of Music Sold. Across Every Format. And This Is What It Looks Like…

Add it all up, and this is what it looks like. The following percentage-based breakdown is based on data compiled by the RIAA, for the US-based market last year.  These are revenues, not units.

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And, here’s the percentage breakdown.  Recording revenues reached $7.1 billion last year in the US, down a surprisingly non-implosive 0.9 percent.

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And, for more fun, check out…

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Add Up Every Song Played. On Every Platform. And This Is What It Looks Like…

6 Responses

  1. SongSplits

    Thanks for the digital sales beyond album downloads. That’s growing, passive income to take seriously for a songwriter’s and producer’s catalog value, if their song splits are complete even if the album is not. 80% of songs are created by 2 or more people. The numbers show the upside for songwriters who are doing good business in the music business by taking advantage of the many digital distribution opportunities and copyright management.

    • FarePlay

      Hello Song Spilts. New Hear?

      I made a point of not watching the pointless, cruel carnage of the Boston Tragedy, too depressing.

      But I have followed the continuing destruction to individuals trying to scratch out a living from the music business. Can you elaborate on the upside your seeing for songwriters from “the many digital distribution opportunities?”

      Copyright management? Now I find that puzzling as well.

      Please share your optimism, I’d love to hear more……

  2. Visitor

    Could be interesting to compare to the value of stolen tracks and albums.

  3. TREND

    How about adding about their growth rate from 2011 to 2012? So we will know what the trend will be like?

    CD: down 18.3%

    Singles Download: up 6.7%

    Album Download: up 12.5%

    Streaming: up 59%

    That’s right, streaming is the fastest growing segment by a long mile. Up a whopping 59%

    • Yves Villeneuve

      Number of subscriptions of said streaming increased by more than 80+%, which means payouts, your number of +59%, are far from keeping pace with subscriptions growth. Not a good sign for the music industry if interactive streaming intends to be the future.

      On the other hand, USA downloaders are stable at 45 million in the last 3 years as per NPD Group, yet revenue growth is increasing as you have shown. It makes more sense that downloads are more lucrative especially if more CD buyers shift to downloading in the future.

  4. Jin

    I was wondering what the “mobile” section included- is it just referring to the revenue generated from mobile music apps? or is it also including ringtones and other mobile-only services?