Justin Timberlake Album Sales, 4 Weeks Later…

This isn’t a high that lasts very long anymore.  Because after scoring nearly a million in first week album sales, Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience is now struggling to break 100,000.  Which is exactly the problem with massive, top-down, hugely-expensive release strategies.

Artist: Justin Timberlake
Album: The 20/20 Experience
Source: Nielsen Soundscan (US-based)

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19 Responses

  1. Andy_0)))

    I bet the chart for 90% of radio-friendly pop music looks identical. It has less to do with release strategy and more to do with the “flavor of the week” culture of American music consumption.

  2. Jeff Robinson

    Week #4 might be closer to actual sales weeks 1 thru 4.

    Is Gold status still calculated based on units shipped or units sold?

      • jak

        Gold actually IS still calculated on shipped. I believe it has to be 250k digital sold, and 250k physical shipped to qualify gold.

  3. wallow-T

    How does this compare to the sales trajectory for “tentpole” movies? I wonder if we are looking at something cultural here: where the heavily-marketed material is so wall-to-wall that most available buyers are reached, and make their decisions, in the first week or two.

    Or, maybe word-of-mouth on the Timberlake album was “meh.”

    What made Adele’s sales path different? Or the Mumfords?

  4. standard

    Pretty typical drop week 1 to week 2, sometimes can be 60% or more, the rest is typical too.

    Assumed you were going to blame spotify for this.

  5. Visitor

    Didn’t the same thing happen in the glory days of CD sales.

    I seem to recall various labels boasting about how a CD has shipped gold or platinum only to notice a couple weeks later the same CDs sitting on the shelves and the band rarely if ever to be heard from again.

    I am not saying we won’t hear from Timberlake again, but I don’t expect the same amount of hype next time around.

  6. Yves Villeneuve

    Nothing unusual here except some staying power possibly as a result of or combination of good music, star power and anticipation to the follow-up of similar music already announced for the Fall.

    Not a major fan of this genre so can’t rate the music properly ie don’t know if it’s good music or not but not hating Suit and Tie or the follow-up single.

    • mdti

      It seems that JT is impersonating himself.

      Before, it was much better and innovative, or simply groovy.
      Now it is just, “another in the same style”.

      Nothing too revolutionary.

      Good for JT and TB if they did what they like and wanted to do though.

  7. Visitor

    Does anyone else think this album kinda sucks? Nothing really memorable in it, it’s just an entire album of mfg’ed pop music.

    If you want to see albums with more staying power, check of Mumford & Sons or the Lumineers.

    • Visitor

      Mumford & Sons? Really? A rip-off band with less than medicre songs….

      Whatever happened to Fleet Foxes…

  8. MDTI

    I just heard the single, and thought that, well, may be next LP of JT will be worth an ear or two.

    That one doesn’t seem different than other products.

    TImbaland and Justin Timberlake lost something after those years in the MI.

  9. R.P.

    umm, very typical..

    Let’s not forget that there is another JT album, or rather the rest of it being released in 4th quarter. This seems like a win to me. Huge win actually.

  10. Champion

    Meanwhile every 20/20 stream on Rdio continues to pay royalties, and will forever.