Just Got My YouTube Royalty Check In the Mail…

If this doesn’t say everything, it sure says a lot.  Thanks for sharing.

(update: we should note that this is from a fairly substantial publisher/writer with hits).

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  1. Jason Paul

    A check for zero dollars! Guess whomever the HFA is they’ve taken a pretty good agency cut of 100%. I’d be interested to know how many plays said videos received from the ad revenue these generated.

  2. Me

    Is ADMRCP-ADV an advance that obviously would need to be recouped before you would receive anything? I agree, no context, no story.

    • Chris Lloyd

      Not trying to be obtuse but: HFA is recouping advances these days?

      • Will

        Certainly looks likes that. There was some HFA deal right?

  3. Pete

    You need to review the agreement matching the output before you can make any comment.

    Music industry people should know better than jumping to the wrong conclusion.

  4. Lets B. Real

    It literally says NOTHING without context of 1. Who it is. 2. How many plays over what period. 3. What the agreement is between HFA and whoever the check is for.

  5. It's Larry




    Are you guys ignorig the *entire* subtext here? This is what *big* writers and pubs. are getting these days from YouTUbe et al.

    and the admin fees are the same as before?

    $0 = sad, folks


      You are right on the money. The music industry is a boat withfew strong drunk players on board and own engine directed in own direction. The net result is a white water drift to Niagara Falls. If the wake up and align all engins same direction they can take off at become 100 billion / year in 36 month.

      I am ready to start a blog and file few new patents to help the artists and finish my frustration. I am exhausted to observe those druged up folks for almost 14 years.

      • lady miss kier ( deee-lite)

        sounds like a good plan , let me know when your’e ready- groove is in the art , but why didn’t i receive all my record royalties for so many years ,even though we wrote and produced our own music and recouped on every album ? wer’e still getting 5 cents per itunes download when it should be 35 cents!

  6. Jeff Robinson

    Anybody sick of gatekeepers in the Music Industry?

  7. HFA Publisher

    Paul – all the publishers that licensed their catalogs to YouTube through HFA, shared an advance pool of several million dollars. It was distributed to them last June. It’s being recouped which is what the ADV-RCP means.

    Maybe you should have done some reporting first.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      I should note that this is from a fairly substantial pub/writer with hits, and although a check for $0 is comical (the paper itself is worth more), the more important issue seems to be with the topline amounts themselves. It’s a post-disruption story we keep seeing over and over again, especially on the publishing side.

      • HFA Songwriter

        and how much of that YouTube advance to HFA was paid through to songwriters and when will it be recouped at this rate? 666,666,666 spins per million dollars.

        And is the reason it’s a zero dollar check because the cost of running the statements is more than the payable royalties?

    • HFA Songwriter

      how can you tell that this statement is for a publisher that is through the HFA settlement and is not directly licensed by HFA for YouTube? Or is HFA representing both sides?

  8. Visitor

    Why is YouTube paying both public performance royalties and mechanical royalities? Is it in some kind of weird quantum state where it is both a public performance and mechnical reproduction at the same time?

  9. Faza (TCM)

    The statement doesn’t say how many plays this was for, but if you want context, I can to work out an estimate, based on the rates I’m receiving via CD Baby’s synch licensing program.

    The mean rate so far has been 0.15 cents per view. Assuming the same rate for the publisher in question, this statement would have been for approx. 36,500 views.

    Make what you will of the fact that 35K+ YT views net you $0, when going through HFA (to say nothing of the fact that even absent the HFA charges, it’s still beer money).

  10. We I opted out of HFA

    Did a direct with one client and watched her ad revenue grow substantially. Now considering a premium network through Jeff Price our Harry Poloner. There are options HFA won’t maximize your profit on YouTube.

  11. Manny Chien

    Now we know why Tim Quirk says that YouTube wants you to think fond memories of the “old boss” music business is a fetish.

  12. mdti

    fortunately, the publisher didn’t owe anything to youtube..

    may be in next years, negative checks may become standard 🙂

  13. mdti

    Just one question:

    – isn’t youtube paying to copyright offices ? (some of them have deals with youtube, so they say). isn’t this publisher part of the copyright offices ?

    • HFA Songwriter

      the only time the Copyright Office would get involved is if YouTube couldn’t find a publisher and then they just notify the CO if I remember correctly, no payments.

  14. Music Publisher

    Should have used one of the companies that polices YT (like AdShare) instead of opting into the NMPA agreement. The advance wasn’t worth it. Lesson learned.

  15. Champion

    People have already talked about the huge HFA advances that explain all of this. Still, it’s a funny picture (and a check for $0 says a lot about the ridiculous bureaucracy that still infects the industry).

    The future of music is streaming, without any middle men. The picture will look a lot better once the artists can get away from all of these layers of indirection.

    YouTube, Spotify, Rdio et al. are absolutely decimating piracy. You’ll have an incredibly hard time finding someone in high school who is doing anything with P2P and music. YouTube and Spotify are where it’s at. They both need to do a better job of allowing artists to establish a direct relationship though.

    Embrace this. It’s great, it’s legal, and young people are paying for music like never before. Almost all of my friends are Spotify Premium subscribers.

  16. Former YouTuber

    I am directly familiar with this deal. It included a recoupable advance, made to the publisher. In other words, the publisher already got paid, and now YouTube is recouping against that advance, with HFA managing the process. For a publisher that’s paying attention, this statement would allow them to follow the math. There is nothing evil going on here!

    Agreed with comments below that publishing this with zero context or research is misleading. This sort of things moves the debate backwards.

  17. padisto

    Deposit it into your bank account, just to keep the pointless paper trail going. Do it at a teller window and see what the reaction is; an interesting exercise in contemporary cyber absurdism.


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