What Else? Eventbrite, Evntlive, Netflix’s Revenge, Madonna vs. St. Petersburg, RIP Richie Havens, Grooveshark Channels Shoutcast, 3 Doors Done…

And the latest tranche of investment cash belongs to Eventbrite, which just scored a handsome $60 million round led by Tiger Global Management.  The injection, which brings the broader investment level to $140 million, follows the announcement of Eventbrite’s 100 millionth ticket sale (since 2006).  Then again, how many are for bake sales that Ticketmaster couldn’t care less about (or, should care more about)?

Which brings us to another disruptive upstart, Evntlive.  And these guys are comin’ out swinging: just days after unleashing their beta, Evntlive is delivering a free webcast of Bon Jovi from HP Pavilion in San Jose.  The April 25th gig is the last of the tour; Evntlive focuses on immersive, mullti-platform concert experiences with serious social componentry.

If you want a successful streaming service, you need to secure the best content.  But wait: Netflix has gigantic gaps in its content offering, yet it now has more subscribers than HBO.  And part of the special sauce now includes homegrown series like House of Cards.  In a Monday announcement, Netflix boasted 29.2 million paying subscribers, and quarterly sales topping $1 billion.

Two weeks ago, it was the country of Malawi telling Madonna to go f*&k herself.  Now, it’s Russia: after Madonna played a predictably-packed show at the Peterbugrsky, the city of St. Petersburg is now questioning whether the show was authorized under the terms of Madonna’s issued Visa.  Petersburg politico Vitaly Milonov says taxes were due on Madonna’s reported $1.1 million take-home, though the notoriously anti-gay legislator may have a bigger problem with Madonna’s pro-Pussy Riot opinions.

He opened Woodstock in 1969, and played the 40th anniversary in 2009.  In between, Richie Havens toured for 30 years and produced 30 albums before retiring several years ago.  Sadly, Havens has now passed away following a heart attack; he was 72.

This has been done before (a million times over), though Grooveshark is now unwrapping a radio concept called ‘Broadcast’.  The Pandora-killer du jour will focus on democratized DJs and a highly-social environment, sort of like a Shoutcast for 2013.  That means easily-injectable DJ shouts, and the ability to easily chat and interact with fans.  The aim, according to CEO Sam Tarantino, will be to build a class of audio celebrities on par with the video celebrities created by YouTube.

(Separately, Tarantino has publicly admitted to being ‘broke’ with a $60,000 salary (more on that, here)).

So is this the end of 3 Doors Down?  If you’re just catching up on this one, bassist Todd Harrell was arrested Friday on vehicular manslaughter charges after killing a motorist while drunk driving in Nashville.  Harrell was hopped on booze and meds when he drove Paul Howard Shoulders Jr. off the road and towards his death, then swerved off in an ill-conceived hit-and-run.  The band is now canceling four upcoming US-based dates, but indicated that the tour would resume late May in Moscow.

More ahead.

3 Responses

  1. balbers

    I’ve been using Mixlr for the past couple months for my internet radio show, and generally speaking it works well enough for people to tune in. However, Mixlr does have a few shortcomings and bugs which I find frustrating, so I’ll test out this new Grooveshark service to find out if it works any more satisfactorily.

  2. David Allan

    How is it that the Feds can use the authorities in a completely different country to shut down an “illegal” website, yet GROOVESHARK continues to operate freely right under their noses here in the US? That doesn’t even make sense to me.