Twitter #music Is Already Plunging…

“I can still remember the day they launched Twitter #music.  Like it was just two weeks ago…”      

Is Twitter #music already fading, really, really fast?  This thing is barely two weeks old, though the heavily-hyped app is now free-falling on the iTunes app chart.  After debuting at number 5 among all iOS apps, Twitter #music has rapidly plunged below the 100-mark.

It’s also barely clinging to a top 10 ranking within music.

Here’s a breakdown from Top App Rankings (blue=music category ranking, red=overall ranking).

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So why is this app going the wrong way fast?  It could simply be too soon to tell, though a major problem seems to be a requirement to subscribe to either Rdio or Spotify to gain access to full clips.  That narrows the group of potential users significantly, and could be rudely violating the freebie expectations of Twitter users.

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8 Responses

  1. Visitor2

    I can not figure out a single reason why I would use their app. There are already so many recommendation engines out there and with them not being able to deliver audio without loading another app, whats the point?

  2. David Rosen

    I’m not even entirely sure how to get to / use Twitter Music haha.

  3. Charles

    It also does music lovers, tastemakers, and search & discovery aficianados NO good. What’s the point of following along with your favorite new (or old) artist / band when twitter stops you from following more people than what they consider is ‘spam’.

    twitter music, you were cool – for an hour.

  4. Jake Denny

    I think the reasons are pretty obvious. Do not dismiss it so early though. This is only the beginning.

    Twitter Music relies on the Rdio and Spotify crutch to be even remotely useful. Great from a commercial perspective of the labels. Less freeloaders.

    The biggest fail for the website and App is the streaming. Without fail, it always drops the connection or stops mid song. You cannot simply hit play again, you either need to refresh your browser or choose another song on the App. This is likely in part due to the nature of the real-time movements in the charts. That is a bad user experience and will prevent organic growth for the App into the mainstream.

  5. Duder

    The requirement to subscribe to rdio and spotify is absolutely the reason it’s flopping. It should continue to flop until that changes.

  6. Guu

    Yeah, because it’s boring. Clerkd does much better job at showing you your friends music and new rising artists.