Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino Now Makes $28.5 Million a Year…

That is, $28,479,535, according to 2012 compensation details just released by Live Nation.  The figure covers Michael Rapino’s base salary, options, incentive-based payouts, and bonuses, and it’s more than double the 2011 compensation package of $11.9 million.

All of which makes Live Nation look like an absolutely great place to be an executive…

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16 Responses

  1. Adam Smith

    This is just going to be another Spotify/Pandora-like cash infusion machine, they will all cash out at once, (Westergren, Ekk, etc) leaving the streaming model in a smoking heap on the floor where it belongs (the way it’s structured now, at least), and they will all meet up at the bar and drink to having lots of money. FuKk art. Yay Money!

  2. Faza (TCM)

    I love the chart, ‘coz it almost looks like Rapino gets compensated depending on how badly he can run the company.
    If anyone else is looking for someone to run their company into the ground for several megabucks a year, I think I can do a reasonably incompentent job.

  3. Lie Witness Blues

    This is not fair to Michael Rapino at all. It takes much skill to aim such a large vessel straight into the iceberg.

  4. webwebster

    Frig Live Nation, frig Rapino [an apter name was never given to any man]. I have hated that company, AND TicketMaster, since I first realized their only purpose was to milk an additional fee out of every musical transaction possible. What value do these a-holes add to anything? Promotion? Bulls..t. In modern America, acts are promoted on Facebook, Spotify, YouTube and VEVO. Convenience? When I lived in LA, I used to drive an hour to the Hollywood Bowl box office, not because I couldn’t afford to pay for my tickets online but because the fees ended up being MORE than the tickets themselves and that literally turned my stomach. I skipped a lot of shows I would have otherwise happily attended for purely ethical reasons: I refused to be raped by TM/Live Nation. I pray that Live Nation and Ticketmaster explode in a sputtering ball of flame, taking all the leeches they employ with them. I’m sure whoever works there could find more morally conscionable work as, say, schoolyard drug-pushers.

  5. Forest/Trees

    Simple supply n’ demand! It’s all the big price and either you have the money and will pay or you don’t have the money and you won’t.

  6. Humperdinker

    Because… ANYONE would pay Rapino the same amount at another corp.?

  7. konrad

    guy owns biggest ticket supplying site in the world, what do you expect?

    • Ritch Esra

      Correction. Michael Rapino doesn’t OWN anything. He’s merely an employeee – a very well paid one but an employee none the less.He’s not Sumner Redstone who actually DOES own 51% of Viacom (Paramount Pictures, CBS, MTV, etc)R

  8. Interestedinmusic

    To be fair, Digital Music News has created an inaccurate representation by scaling the graph differently on the positive and negative side, giving the illusion that Rapino’s compensation is equal to LYV’s losses.

    • Juice

      They glued two graphs together.
      Inaccurate? No.
      Misleading? Perhaps.

    • Paul Resnikoff

      The scale is clearly on your left. Indeed, there are two scales: one is for an individual, the other a corporation.
      So, the ‘illusion’ to which you refer isn’t inaccurate; it’s being used to illustrate a point. A picture is worth… you’re an intelligent guy, I think you know the rest.

  9. Bald Headed John

    Good for him!
    As for the rest of the livenation employees sorry you lose.

  10. iceberg --->___^^^^^^___

    Not hearing much of Live Nation Labs

  11. curious george

    Why is 5,000,000 above 7,500,000?