Rolling Stones Tickets Are Now Sinking Below $70…

This is the latest aftershock in an arguably catastrophic Rolling Stones tour. That is, catastrophic not just for the band, but maybe for the entire concert industry as well.

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This might be that ‘moment’ when everything changed.  After being confronted with wide swaths of unsold seats for their opening gig at Staples Center, Stones promoters were forced to slash prices to $85 (often for very good seats).  That solved a short-term problem, but was a very bitter pill for those that paid $600-plus for a ticket.  Especially those who found themselves sitting right next to bargain-grabbing fans.

Which brings us to the aftermarket, often regarded as a more accurate representation of actual demand.  And the tough reality is that in some markets, prices are getting pushed below the $85 ‘deal’.  Here’s what a quick look on StubHub showed over the weekend for Anaheim, just south of Los Angeles.  Anaheim is the most heavily-populated city in the very wealthy Orange County (OC).

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And there’s plenty of softness on these bargains, which means aftermarket prices will probably go even lower.  Indeed, the deeply-slashed $85 tickets quickly sold out in Los Angeles, but they aren’t even selling out in some cities.  As of this weekend, Oakland fans could still grab an $85 seat (as shown above).  And very few of the subsequent, US-based tour dates were sold out.

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  1. Minneapolis Musician

    Serves ’em right. $600 was ridiculous.
    Plus, lets let some newer acts have the spotlight…45 years is enough.

  2. Glimmer Twin

    The $69.99 “ticket” on StubHub to the Anaheim show is actually a parking pass.
    It was probably too much trouble for you to click through and check prior to publishing your “reporting”.

    • Jefe de Jefes

      Joking right? $70 parking pass?
      Click through and the $69.99 seats are now gone. By the time this tour is through it will be $45 fire sales.

  3. Johan Ludwing

    Well, I love the Stones, but $600 was too much!!! I would only pay that amount or more to see Pink Floyd…!!!

  4. Jeff Robinson

    More artists could borrow a thing or two from this Detroit original:

    Love him or hate him, he’s now got 6 sold-out dates at DTE Theater in Detroit- 3 shows added quickly after first 3 sold out with every ticket selling for $20 apiece.

    OMG is this Republican dunder-head a socialist? Even Sean Penn would be proud.

  5. FarePlay

    I think the Rolling Stones may have an even bigger problem judging from this “official” Stones Video from opening night in LA. Really, really bad.

    And just think. Once bands toured to sell their recorded music, now to make up for that, shows are rediculously overpriced and you can’t afford to buy the cd after shelling out for the show.
    And just maybe find an awesome track that you would have never heard without the complete recording. Oh, well. We’re a fast food society in more ways than one.
    Problem is we don’t get the fries unless we buy the meal.

  6. DGriffith

    If the tickets drop below $85 who is going to pay for those stupid hipster hats Mick insists on wearing?

  7. Pinky Gonzales

    Well, it made a good headline, but the only Rolling Stones tickets currently selling for under $70 is a trubute band in Calgary, AB. Exhibit C:

    Most *actual* Rolling Stones tickets are selling in the $150+ range, which, as you can see in Exhibit D, is roughly three times higher than the average industry-wide concert ticket price this time last year:
    But I’ll admit, I clicked the link after seeing the salacious post title… and isn’t that what blogging is all about?

  8. NO Satisfaction

    Read Lefsetz from the other day:
    Since seeing them in 1980, it was clear to me that this band…sucks and has sucked for more than 3 decades. Only an oldies act. Why can’t we just admit that and move on to discussing bands that matter – or at least care to try and matter?
    I really think that people drink the KoolAid w/ them with seeing them live in the last 20+ years(for me, 30 yrs) and convince themselves they are seeing legends….they are beyond over-rated and are truly terrible band live(and in the studio, sadly), running on the fumes of their 60s and 70s work AND getting away with it.
    why can’t everyone see that obvious – THAT is the question.
    HEAR what this band(sic) sounds like in the video link. Beyond awful, just flat-out embarrasing and Lefsetz is right in his post – most decent garage bands can sound better than the Stones do(provided they have a really good singer/frontman).
    About time the truth of this band is seen by those who have supported their lack of creativity and delivering for their fans.

  9. Jefe de Jefes

    Word of how shyty the show is will get out, tix will drop below $60, maybe $45.

  10. Tim Wood

    The Stones may already have an airtight guarantee of some $ per show, leaving the promoters and anyone who depends on actual ticket grosses holding the bag.

    • Visitor

      You are absolutely correct.
      The stones may be over the hill has beens, but they know how to run a tour and that means getting someone else to pay for it.

  11. stones shredded

    saw stones 3 x in early 80’s- they were awesome-and this aint a review by a star struck fool-i have seen every big band othern the Beatles and Elvis and I attend over a doezen concerts a years still-having started seeing rock shows since 1970. Saw them last night-all the $85 tix sold out (yes they sold them im Ananhiem and LA and they sold out- I declined on the off chance I might not get a great seat but might get a crummy seat and I decided to gack up the cash. Although they were outside of my normal concert budget – I had previously paid $250 for U2 and also for sporting events (Lakers Celtics Game six final against Cetics 1987) so I justified it as my son, who now attends concerts, probably woudnt get a chance to see the Stones in the future. He wasnt a big Stones fan but is a big music fan and has appreciated some band-as have I-after seeing them live. Suck was the case after seeing the Stones Last night. They shredded. Midnight Rambler w/Mick Taylor was a power house and Keith blew yer head off during Jumpin Jack Flash. Booby Keys (as usual) was on sax and Chuck Leacell was on keyboards so the talent was there. From my prior experience i knew they Stones would be great, despite their age, as they are stone cold profesionals who pack talented side people and could rock in their sleep. The plus side of age was Mick was less chicken and more man-er-whatever, and keiths voice was as good-er, whatever, as ever. Totally great show and as I continue to see bands of all ages and genres-and a lot of young bands couldnt hold a candle to the Stones-some bands truly get better with age so all the naysayers (who likely have never seen the Stones or seen them lately, save your guessing that they are an oldies band all washed up- I remember seeing Chuck Berry and he truly was an Oldies band yet he cranked the volume, played with vigor, duckwalked, played expertly and blew me away with Oldies Music) yer all sissies afraid to take a look

    • stones shredded

      er, sorry about all the typos-Bobby Keys, Chuck Leavell, suck =such (Fruedian?) whatever, try to figger it all out

  12. stones shredded

    as to the comment about gaurenteed gate $ some doofus in line behind us said, ” I’ll bet they get money for all the t-shirts and stuff” hahahahahahahah – YA THINK- hahahaha