What Else? Paying for YouTube, Boston Strong, JoyTunes, WMG/WTF, My Media Usage Pyramid, Pepsi Drops Wayne…

Pay very, very, close attention, as this could eventually have massive implications for the music space (streaming or otherwise).  According to a just-published report in the Financial Times (appropriately, under paywall), YouTube is now preparing to open a number of paid, subscription-based channels.  That will help to compensate for underwhelming ad revenues (even with monstrous volumes), though most content will remain free.  Whether Google can shift an audience accustomed to unlimited free remains a critical question, though price points are expected to fall between $1.99 and $5 monthly.

Let’s see what percentage of this actually goes to the bombing victims, but tickets for the upcoming Boston Strong benefit concert are about to go on sale (starting May 6th).  The event, coordinated by an all-grown-up New Kids on the Block, features a pretty stellar bill of Boston-rooted performers like Aerosmith, Jimmy Buffett, James Taylor, Boston, Godsmack, and the J. Geils Band.  Details on how the funds will be distributed to the One Fund are upcoming; Live Nation’s Ticketmaster will be handling ticketing logistics. 

Can technology ease the drudgery of gaining musical proficiency?  And more importantly, make music more fun for more people? The latest fund injection belongs to JoyTunes, an Israeli-based startup focused on engaging musical education.  Investors in the $1.5 million round include Genesis Partners, as well as the former CEO of Steinway Musical Instruments, Dana Messina.

It doesn’t even look good on paper, but Warner Music Group is now finalizing details on a hefty, $810 million loan tranche related to its acquisition of Parlophone Label Group.  According to details disclosed by Bloomberg, a sizable $175 million of the loan will be used to pay down other debt, all of which sounds extremely risky given the rather unstable banking and financial climate.

Add it up, stack it up, and step back, and you’ve got a Media Usage Pyramid.  Here’s the latest from radio-focused research group Jacobs Media, which shows a surprisingly-strong level of attachment to AM/FM radio.  The breakdown is based on what people routinely use on a weekly basis.

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And, Pepsi has now severed its relationship with another rapper, Lil Wayne.  RapRehab first reported the break-up, which was based on an extremely distasteful lyric about Emmett Till (to say the least).  Earlier, Pepsi-owned Mountain Dew pulled an online snippet/ad by Tyler the Creator following accusations of extreme racial stereotyping.

5 Responses

  1. Casey

    I am calling BS on the HD Radio statistic. No way it is even that high.

  2. Visitor

    “YouTube is now preparing to open a number of paid, subscription-based channels.”

    Very interesting!

    This could motivate Google to become legitimate.

    Why would they send customers to illegal sites if they can earn more from YouTube?

    Too bad, it only applies to 50 channels. If this were open to all partners, it could be the way to avoid Google’s piracy links.

    • NumberBoxGamer

      That may be true, but, as all companies have show, one thing leads to another, and If YouTube gets balsy and makes the small time Tubers, like myself, pay to upload videos or something along those lines, then our, small, souce of income is gone. Just like that. We would end up paying more to upload videos, then we would be drawing in through advertisements. Also, If they make this apply to all channels, then, again, small channels like my own would become obsolete in a heart beat.