What Else? Jailtime for Lauryn Hill, Musexpo, Stones Deny Everything, EMI vs. Ellington, Reid’s Mansion…

She desperately re-inked a deal with Sony Music to battle the expenses, and reportedly paid down nearly $970,000 in back taxes.  But Lauryn Hill will still be spending three months behind bars for failing to pay taxes, with an additional three months of house arrest to boot.  The Fugees star largely retreated from the musical stage in the late 90s following the release of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, arguably at the peak of her career.

A quick flyover into Los Angeles, and the action continues this week at A&R Worldwide’s Musexpo.  Actually, the action started Friday with a very informative Radio Summit, with showcases and listening sessions exposing unsigned talents like Jeremy Loops of South Africa (check him out).  Other well-plucked talents included Marie Miller and Alfred Hall; more panels and showcases today and tomorrow at the Roosevelt Hotel and nearby SIR Studios.

And, looks like the Rolling Stones are taking the ‘Minister of Disinformation‘ route on their deeply-discounted tour.  “The fact is, the tour is doing great and we have no problems whatsoever,” AEG Live promoter John Meglen told a sympathetic Billboard.  Of course, those $600 tickets were perfectly calibrated to shorten scalper profits, though Meglen admitted that last-minute, $85 tickets included some right-upfront, ‘Tongue Pit’ seats.  “We’re smart enough to know that you re-scale.  And you know our feelings on discounting, we will not discount a ticket, and we’re holding to that.”

Elsewhere, the now-acquired EMI has prevailed over the heirs of Duke Ellington in a battle over publishing royalties.  The case surrounded issues related to foreign sub-publishers, specifically deductions taken from EMI-affiliated companies.  All of which sounds like another sneaky game of deductions-du-jour, though a New York Appellate Court ruled that the contracts in question were unambiguous.

Thank you, old school recording industry.  Longtime major label success Antonio ‘LA’ Reid is now selling his plush, $18.9 million Manhattan flat, a six-room expanse that occupies the entire tenth floor of 515 Park Avenue.

More ahead…