We’re the Meatmen. And We Promise Not to Pocket Your Kickstarter Donations…

Amanda Palmer used $250,000 of her $1.2 million Kickstarter purse to pay down debt; she even recommended that Morrissey use the platform to pocket millions.  But should Kickstarter serve as a profit vehicle for artists, or merely a vehicle for financing the project in question?

The Meatmen, reacting to a potential backlash, have reassured their fans that their money is going to their actual Kickstarter project (a studio album) and after that, back into the band. They’ve already raised nearly $4,000 of a modest $5,000 ask.  Here’s the pitch/reassurance from frontman Tesco Vee; we highlighted paragraph 3.

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“That’s right, I’ve been entertaining your sorry asses for over 30 years, and now it’s time for YOU to become a part of Meat History!

“After 18 years, we embark on our first new platter of Meaty originals – filled with all the Hate Rock Wack you expect from us and then some!! We have been pouring our black hearts and hate-filled souls into the process, and this masterwork is gonna set the Punk Rock planet ablaze! Nobody is safe, as I lay the verbal wood to all-new targets left and right! And these 3 Henchman backing me up are the real deal! We are calling upon you, the loyal Meatheads to get off your wheelchair butts and be part of the creative process!

“Every single penny you invest is going back into the band, and nothing in our pockets.  Any amount that exceeds our target goal of $5000 will be invested into the band to give YOU a girthier, meatier experience.”

New props? Check.  New costumes? Fuck yeah.  New Van? Yeah, maybe if Sugar Daddy Lucifer himself kicks in some loot.  Any donation of $50 or greater will have your name included in the liner notes of the new album!

3 Responses

  1. mdti

    kickstarter should be for projects, not for begging to pay one’s debts .

    That’s the difference between project management and support, and begging and pity.

    Moreover, it should stress an issue of Taxable revenues.

    Eventhough it is basically donation, the audience may be flawed if the money goes into personal pockets, what in a company would be called misuse of company property, or criminally speaking, scam.

    Those who misuse the system are b**tards.
    They need to get torrented or slapped or kicked in the arse.

    I funded many projects on kickstarter, and happy to see the ventures meet some success… I just did not participate ion any music project or music related projects yet (you know, musicians, sometimes, they deserve a big “lol man, what a big joke you are”).

    So people should support the Meatmen if that’s your cup of tea, because they seem to want to play by the rules.

    my 2 cents (that i keep in my pocket for the moment).

    • Me

      Yeah, in the business world, wouldn’t this be considered “investor fraud?”