The Difference Between Paul McCartney and Justin Bieber…

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  1. no comparison at all

    Paul McCartney can actually sing and play several instruments.

    • Visitor

      Boy Bands and Teen Idols… where are the Bay City Rollers and Leif Garrett when you need them?

      • lots of good musicians

        I prefer Charlie Hunter as an example.

    • Supporter

      So can Justin – Im not sure why so many people want to bash him. He has done more by the age of 19 than most could dream of. He’s 19, still a kid, he will say more stupid things in his life, but he is talented, much more talented than those of us, including myself who berate and attack him on message boards and in the media.

      • GGG

        Because he perpetuates this notion for kids that almost every factor besides the musical ones are what it takes to be famous. He continues the stream of glorifying bland music. The idea that people like him, Taylor Swift, etc get/got a pass for being good for their age is such a dumb notion we’ve come to accept. Why is the music our culture points to as the pinnacle of quality written (not even most of the time) and performed by children who are good for their age? Who cares? Good for 19 is still pretty mediocre. In the grand scheme of all things music, if you think Justin Beiber is anything more than somewhere in the middle, you are dead wrong.

        • jw

          Same night…

          Would love to have seen such candid reactions by the legitimately talented performers in the audience during Taylor’s ’07 CMAs performance.

          Beiber & Swift are celebrities, not artists, & must accept the consequences of celebrity, or else risk being judged on the merit of their product. Justin may think he wants that, but he would be clamoring for his celebrity pass if it ever came to that.

      • TheBeatles

        Lol, I’ve heard him sing without his much-needed autotune. And he only knows how to play guitar as far as I know. He isn’t a multi-instrumentalist like Paul, nor can he sing as well as him. I find it VERY stupid that some people actually put The Beatles and Justin Bieber under the same umbrella.

    • Connie In Kansas

      While I’m not a Bieber fan, he was discovered on YouTube singing well and playing an instrument. And Sir Paul only knew how to play 4 chords on their instruments when he, John, George, and the Fifth Guy Started the Beatles. So, if we’re making direct comparisons….
      What made the Beatle’s great were their innate talent and their willingness to learn. But like the Biebs, they could be distracted by girls (they also got into drugs as was the times).
      Everybody loves the music of their generation and vilifies that of the younger generation. It happened with Bach and Mozart. It happened with the Beatles and the Stones. It happened with Duran Duran and Bon Jovi. It still happens. To judge Bieber’s real worth, we must wait another 15 years.

    • Macca’s boi

      Yes, and Lennon/McCartney is the most successful duo of all time.

  2. Dry Roasted

    Beatles were just as gimmicky as Justin bieber when they started out.

    • David@indigoboom

      What ???
      Didi Justin come out of Art school, go to Hamburg and play grubby clubs and brothels for ages, living on floors and studying various musical styles ??
      I never knew

        • antho9

          Lest we forget The Beatles were written off a fluffy Pop for the first few years of their career. it wasn’t until later in their career that they grew up and grew tired of singing catchy chart toppers and decided to start getting more serious.

          If you do some research you’ll find Justin played guitar, piano, and drums very well BEFORE becoming a star. He spent years busking and performing before being discovered. He truly is talented even if musical snobs discount his music simply because it is pop. If “pop” is cirteria for exhile then much of The Beatles early music would fall into the same category.

          • Simon

            Really? The Times (London one) was hailing the Beatles songwriting craft within a year of their debut, their 1964 movie debut was being touted as a comedic landmark, the likes of Leonard Bernstein raved about them when they arrived in the USA. Dylan was so enamoured by what he was hearing he changed his whole career direction.
            Having a grasp of pop music’s past is sometimes rather helpful when making grand statements like yours.

          • GGG

            I’ve seen his self-serving movie and some youtube vids and I will give him that he’s definitely a capable drummer that could be pretty good, haven’t seen enough and don’t know enough about drumming.
            However, the piano and guitar playing is mediocre at best from what I’ve seen. Any kid who plays for more than two years can get those chops. This is what I mean down below about accepting medicority. Being able to serviceably play an instrument is not that hard, with a few exceptions. Kids will grow up thinking Justin Beiber’s level of guitar playing is above average, and I think JB’s quote proves he thinks he’s legitimately great, too.

          • jw

            From what I’ve seen, Bieber is incredibly economical in his drum playing… he mostly switches from beginner beats to triplet fills that sound a lot more impressive than they actually are. You can tell he’s been instructed how to play drums “impressively” as opposed to “well.” To his credit, he plays that stuff relatively cleanly these days. But he should… he’s been playing the exact same beats & exact same fills at the exact same tempo since he was 13. And nothing he played made since in a song then, & it doesn’t make sense in a song now.
            As a drummer, Bieber barely qualifies as mediocre… There is no defending it.
            It’s clear what Bieber is, & it’s not a talented musician, nor is it an artist responsible for the products attached to his name. He’s just the face of a brand created by some producers.

          • Connie In Kansas

            If you’ve got a half-way decent ear, and you listen to early Beatles albums, their musicianship was mediocre at best. What made them good was their lyrics were sincere and witty.
            If we’re going to compare Justin to the Beatles, we have to do so with them from the right era, not after they became master musicians, which you’re going to do after playing for over 50 years.

          • jw

            Oh give me a break. That’s not even close to being true. It was “I Want To Hold Your Hand” that convinced Bob Dylan to go electric, which was recorded in ’63. They were ridiculously good from the moment they stepped onto U.S. soil, both as composers & as performers. You are sorely mistaken.
            Also, the Beatles only recorded as a band for 7 years. At this point in Bieber’s career, he should be on Rubber Soul, if you want to compare “era to era.”

          • GGG

            Sure, I was simply replying to the assertion that Justin Beiber is anything remotely special as an instrumentalist or musician.
            But if you want to talk about what REALLY made the Beatles so good, it was that they were constantly evolving and in doing so, evolving the music culture and culture around them.
            You could maybe make some argument that Justin Bieber is generally culturally as relevant as the Beatles, but I think you’d fall short. But there is no way in hell JB is a fraction as musically relevant as the Bealtes were at any point in their careers. People who aspire to be Justin Beiber aspire to be a pop star, not a musician. That is the fundamental difference.

  3. Allan

    We couldn’t do this comparison as Paul McCartney is special and great in everything. I say this because I’m a fan of Paul, but that’s my view.

  4. Brandon

    Ask Justin to try and play more than 3 chords of Here Comes The Sun.

  5. Paul Lanning

    Still and all, who was booing? Who came to this gratuitous exercise and booed? What did they expect?

  6. JD

    Music fans are so passionate about “Their Music” they believe on some level other types of music shouldn’t exist. Shouldn’t be on radio, tv, you tube etc. Only “Their music” should be, so “get that Beiber shit off the radio”.
    New flash…. to all those who don’t like him…. You Are Not His Audience”. Grow up and leave the kid alone. PS. I am over 50 and I think “Beauty And The Beat” is a great pop song.

    • jw

      If it’s a great pop song, fine. But it’s not a great pop song based on Justin Bieber’s merit, which is what he seems to believe.
      This isn’t people hating on Bieber because of his music, it’s people hating on Bieber because of his delusion & his arrogance.
      The commentors are not the ones with the attitude problem.

    • GGG

      It’s not about not wanting pop music to exist. There’s plenty of great pop music and it has it’s place. If I’m at a club or party or something, of course I’d much rather hear some shitty Black Eyed Peas remix than Tom Waits.
      I don’t know if you were referring to any of my posts, but the point is that he’s not remotely as good as a representative of our music culture should be to this large an extent. I don’t care that he’s famous, I don’t care that he’s rich, but he’s mediocre at best at music and is praised by millions as a modern day Mozart or something. He’s just part of a terrible generational trend that doesn’t really give a shit about someone being musically talented to an above average extent.
      He’s a perfect pop star. Unfortunately, in 2013 music is seemingly the 4th or 5th most important thing to being a pop star.

  7. spoiled

    Simple thing, really .
    Beiber needs to open his mind with LSD.
    What’s with these pussy clean kids playing Rock Star. Get some truth, shoot some heroin, suffer, write great songs, die young.
    We’re waiting…

  8. Oof

    Can’t resist wading into this hatefest.

    For reference, The Beatles were for a time my favorite band, and Paul is my favorite Beatle.

    That said, I don’t think the chosen quote from 1967 is all that representative or comparable. For one thing, Paul was 25 (Bieber 19). For another thing, by 67 with Revolver and Sgt Pepper, The Beatles were arguably being hailed as MORE important than Paul felt they were because their music WAS being hailed as ART and REVOLUTION and MIND EXPANDING… Etc.

    Bieber, immature overly rich teen that he is, does not get that kind of respect, so because he doesn’t he doesn’t feel like he has the space to laugh off the constant glut of media assassination that comes his way. Regardless of whether his actions deserve judgement or not, I don’t see how anyone could make claim that the media culture is not WAY over the top in its coverage of celebrity in this day and age.

    Ultimately, Bieber is THE main punching bag for older musicians who hate what they see in current pop/popmusic culture. I’ve seen it everywhere. One example is that Youtube comments… Random video of an older rock band gets the reply “This is REAL music, not like the Bieber ASSHOLE”. “Music USED to be great but now it has been taken over by shit like Bieber”. Etc and so forth.
    So in my opinion, this is the same thing. If you had millions of people constantly throwing bad energy at you, wouldn’t YOU react… Regardless of whether you had the privilege of being successful? Give the kid a break.
    I’m not a Bieber fan, but I recognize deserved pop stardom when I see it. “Beauty and the Beat” is not as good a song as “Beat It” or “Billie Jean”, but upon watching the video, I felt like it was one of the best visual spectacles since the heyday of Michael Jackson videos. So the question is: Why do musicians give a shit enough to hate on it? Why not enjoy it for what it is and let the kid grow up into a quality artist?

    • GGG

      I’ll try to refrain from repeating what I’ve already said above but it’s about what he represents. Which is a mainstream music culture that is completely shallow and reactive because it’s about marketing, not music. Nothing he does or has done is musically innovative in the slightest. So being a deserved pop star means very little about your musical acumen.
      The problem is that this cycle of thrusting a new JB into the public every few years lessens the ability of more deserving musicians to break out and the culture to change. Again, it’s not that I think pop shouldn’t exist or JB shouldn’t have a career. It’s that he should not eclipse as many abursdly talented musicians as he does by so much. When he can sell out MSG probably 5 times in a row and Chris Thile and Brad Mehldau, pretty much two of the greatest musicians alive, play the 600 cap Bowery Ballroom, it’s just kind of sad. And I don’t mean that in the sense it’s about taste or genre. Everything about Justin Beiber is just so safe.

  9. lifer

    One upon a time a “SOLO ARTIST” (as opposed to a band), with a Beiber-sized budget, would likely hire world-class musicians to tour with.
    Any adult musician on this site criticizing a 19-year old pop star should find the pop songs they wrote at 19 and then, either STFU or post them here and let us all judge.
    Beiber’s advisors, parent, manager, label, lawyers, agents, investment advisors are all making more money than you are–just of off Beiber–not including their other clients.. And they are adults who have to keep him workign so they can keep getting paid. Their job is to fill his head with whatever it takes to keep him generating revenue.
    Blame the adults if you like but when he is your age he will be in the 1% whether he grows up to be a great person or an asshole.

    Listening to Roscoe Mitchell/Art Ensemble of Chicago on Vinyl

    • GGG

      I have no idea what this post is even trying to say.
      He’s good because he’s rich and will be rich and makes other people rich? That’s what qualifies as being a great musician? Hmm…

      • lifer

        I agree. You haven’t a clue. Best of luck to you.