Right Now: SF Musictech, EDMbiz 2013, CBGB Festival, RIAA Bleeding, Lil Wenner, Urturn…

And the full lineup has now been unveiled for SF MusicTech Summit, happening May 28th in Japantown, San Francisco.  And once again, Zisk has stacked the bill: Facebook, Twitter #music, Tunecore, BitTorrent, The Collective, Walden Venture Capital, Eventbrite… even Jermaine Dupri are on this bill.  Just say yes.

Which brings us to EDMbiz 2013, an industry conference totally dedicated to electronica and EDM affairs.  The chit-chatting will happen June 18th-20th at the shiny Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, with James Barton, Perry Farrell, Marc Geiger, Rob Light and Pasquale Rotella amongst the chief speakers (more at edmbiz.com).  All of which coincides with Electric Daisy Carnival.

In yesterday’s class, we discussed the enduring appeal that consumers find in age-old brands.  Which makes the ‘CBGB Festival’ one damn good idea: the event kicks off in mid-October with a massive slate of performing artists and panels (slate yet to be announced).  Just be careful around the toilets: more at cbgb.com

Somewhere, a still-dead grandmother is cheering.  More on this ahead, but it looks like the RIAA has been chopping serious staff amidst massive dues reductions.  The salary for CEO Cary Sherman, however, appears to have been bumped to nearly $1.5 million…

The critics are decrying the nepotism, though Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner is solidly defending the selection of his son to take over rollingstone.com.  “He’s smarter than I am,” Wenner told AdWeek, referring to the young 20s Gus.  “Young people today are a lot more savvy than people were 40, 50 years ago. They’re better educated. And he’s a college grad. I wasn’t.”

And who says there aren’t gigantic funding tranches for startups you’ve barely heard of (anymore)?  Enter Urturn, which just saddled a healthy $13.4 million round, with Balderton Capital tossing $10.7 million into the ring.  This is a highly-social and expressive platform focused on the stuff being shared, not just sharing itself.  A mobile app is next: “While existing social platforms have focused on connecting people and all provide finite ways for interacting online, we’ve focused on how people interact – providing an ever-growing variety of rich and playful ways for our users to express themselves,” commented Stelio Tzonis, CEO at Urturn.  “Born out of the acknowledgement that users want to be more expressive, Urturn is the next natural step for social media.”

More ahead!

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