Right Now: Google Play All Access Lives, P. Diddy Stiffs DMN, Ticketmaster, Bandsintown, The Real Numbers on Musicians, 7digital…

So, Google launched a music service?  Oh, right, that was last week.  Anyway, the horrifically-titled Google Play Music All Access is now venturing into iOS waters, with some wondering: is this launch over, already?  The Apple iEverything expansion happens in a few weeks, according to one Google executive.

Which brings us to Google Glass, a pair of which was floating around SF Musictech Summit earlier this week.  Evntlive cofounderDavid Carrico was donning the demo and sharing the experience with Digital Music News; right now, these things are pretty 1.0, and hardly the immersive internet experience everyone would imagine.  But things like directions, weather, and voice-activated searching are all scarily ‘in sight’…

Here’s Walden Venture Capital managing director Larry Marcus doing some voice-activated due diligence…

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The concert experience is best shared with friends, so who’s deftly marrying the worlds of social and live?  Ticketmaster CEONathan Hubbard recently pointed to networks like Facebook as massive new drivers of sales, simply because people generally don’t go to shows alone.  And there’s lots of innovation on this front: for example, Bandsintown now allows users to see what shows their friends are attending, and even facilitates invitations through the app.

But wait: why is P. Diddy stiffing Digital Music News for a mere $150? More on that ahead…

And, are musicians really getting stiffed by the interweebs?  The RIAA like to point to massive declines in artist employment, and anecdotal evidence suggests that earning difficulties continue for musicians.  But Techdirt has a different read of the data, especially how groups like the RIAA are interpreting Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Consider, this:

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Regardless of wages, musicians are some of the most charitable souls on the planet. Which brings us to Blake Shelton, who gets a 10-gallon hat tip for raising $6 million-plus for Oklahoma twister victims.  The ‘Healing In the Heartland’ benefit was hosted by Shelton and recently aired on NBC.

And, what very innovative backend service is being cooked-up by 7digital?  More on that ahead…

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  1. Visitor

    “But Techdirt has a different read”
    Sure, it’s like child porn: UNICEF has one view — NAMBLA has another.
    So what?

    • oh my god

      NAMBLA?!?! HAHAHAHHAHAHA haven’t read that acronym in a long time…

      • Visitor

        Exactly my reaction when somebody mentions techdirt. 🙂

  2. Jenkins

    Is 7digital’s new innovative backend service really new, or is it just a big bug fix for their currently unreliable backend?