Jack White Revealed as Anonymous Savior of Detroit Masonic Temple…

It was Jack White who donated $142,000 to save to soon-to-be-foreclosed Detroit Masonic Temple, an historic landmark.  The money will be used to pay back taxes to the city, and saves the struggling venue from ‘going CBGB‘.

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White, who remained anonymous until Tuesday, has performed several times at the iconic Cass Corridor venue.  Adding to the steep personal history, White’s mother also ushered at the theater while White was a boy.  “Jack’s donation could not have come at a better time and we are eternally grateful to him for it,” Temple association president Roger Sobran relayed.  “Jack’s magnanimous generosity and unflinching loyalty to this historic building and his Detroit roots is appreciated beyond words.”

The monstrous Temple, which occupies an entire city block and has more than 1,000 rooms and recreational facilities, will rename its Cathedral Theater to the ‘Jack White Theater’.  The Detroit Masonic Temple is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


Image: Muwumba@flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0.

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  1. jmark

    Cool…I saw a lot of “firsts” at the masonic Temple:

    U2, Blondie, The Clash, David Johansen, Roxy Music, Iggy, Cheap Trick, Rockpile, Talking Heads…to name a few…