Right Now: ReverbNation Reaches 3 Million Members…

ReverbNation, a distribution and promotional platform, is ecstatic to announce that they’ve reached over 3 million musicians, venues, labels, and industry clients. (That’s big).

Here’s their promotion on Vine.

One Response

  1. Evan

    Not quite right really.

    Type in any major label artists and you will get quite a number of results:

    Lady Gaga: 111 results

    Radiohead: 18 results

    Bruno Mars: 44 results

    Kanye West: 13 results

    One Direction: 76 results

    Celine Dion: 13 results

    Justin Beiber: 278 results

    Britney Spears: 36 results

    Beyonce: 71 artists

    Now – if you look at each of the results, you will see that they are mostly fans creating pages for their artists, and probably none of the results are the artists themselves. I mean, why would they need reverbnation?

    This 3 million figure is way off.

    Reverbnation are big, not not that big. What is the REAL figure?