Amazon’s MP3 Store Now Available on iOS

The Music Industry in Review: Oct. 10 to Oct. 14th
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Image by simon.brunozzi (CC by 2.0)

Amazon‘s 25 million-song catalogue MP3 store is now available for iOS users due to a newly constructed HTML5 mobile website.

Starting today, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users can now buy music from Amazon directly through their devices. Purchases are automatically stored into a Cloud Player library.

“Since the launch of the Amazon Cloud Player app for iPhone and iPod touch, a top request from customers has been the ability to buy music from Amazon right from their devices,” said Steve Boom, Vice President of Amazon Music. “For the first time ever, iOS users have a way to do that.”

(note: the update originated from the UK-based office; we’re clarifying if the update has already been made (or will soon be made) in other territories).

One Response

  1. awful company

    Amazon has the most awful label relations team. I suspent it is just a few badly paid interns who manage scripts, like a call center.

    You email them with a specific question and they don’t bother to reply. Maybe they can’t. Maybe they have no authorization to do so. They always respond with pre-cooked and automated text responses. No human management.

    Once I just kept replying to their bot to see how long it would keep feeding back the same shit. It took one whole month, one email a day, for someone to actually respond – just to say I can try a different email address, but “noone reads it, anyway”.