After Years of ‘Holding Out,’ The Eagles License Streaming Services…

Last month, Rdio informed Digital Music News that the Eagles had landed on their platform. The next day, everything was ripped down and everyone was really quiet.  Not even Irving Azoff, the longtime manager of the Eagles, would comment.

Now, it looks like Rdio simply pushed the button too early.  Because as of this early Tuesday morning, not only are the Eagles on Rdio, they are also on Spotify, Deezer, Rhapsody, and even Google Play Music All Access.  This appears to be the full spread of albums (or at least the important ones) across the gamut of streaming services (though we haven’t checked all of them).


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Deezer told Digital Music News that this is the real, remastered deal.  “I’m emailing to let you know that, for the first time ever, the entire Eagles catalogue is now available on Deezer,” the company emailed. “What’s more, all tracks are completely remastered, meaning everyone’s favourite Eagles songs have never sounded better.”

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All of which means one of the biggest streaming holdouts has now licensed their content and jumped into the stream.  It also means that the list of longtime, legacy holdouts is gradually moving towards zero.

11 Responses

  1. Antipirate


    Now I can dump my “illegally” downloaded mp3 files of records i already paid for at least twice (vinyl and CD)

    • Fatso

      Sure. MP3s are just as obsolete as CDs and Vinyl.

  2. hippydog

    I gotta say.. in my opinion thats pretty huge..

  3. GGG

    Still no article about Kanye’s #1, Spotify-accessible record? lol