TuneCore ‘Exploring’ a Major Expansion Into YouTube Distribution…

Initial meetings with top TuneCore accounts are happening shortly after the July 4th weekend, according to details being leaked to Digital Music News.  Exploratory ‘conversations’ will be held at TuneCore’s headquarters in Brooklyn, if possible, where demand and interest for an expansion into YouTube monetization services will be assessed.

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TuneCore is one of (if not the) top digital distributor for artists.  But do artists need TuneCore, or anyone else, to play middleman here?  The TuneCore consideration closely follows the launch of Audiam by TuneCore ex-CEO (and original cofounder) Jeff Price, who was pushed from the company after a noisy, contentious battle with company investors.

Price is now promising to deliver indie and developing artists better access to YouTube tools and preferred royalty rates, though the launch has been met with considerable skepticism and controversy.  It may also be stirring TuneCore into action — or reaction — based on emotional and strategic factors alike.

This is the note being sent by TuneCore management to a number of top clients.

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10 Responses

  1. Tirekicker

    If they do that, then that’s goodbye for Audiam!

    • Alessandra Q.


      But Zimbalam is already doing this for about a year.

  2. JTV Digital

    Many distributors in Europe are doing this already.

    I aim to set this up as well for JTV Digital during the summer.

    Combine digital distribution through us + an account at Songtrust, you have Audiam and much more, for a cheaper cost…think about it!


  3. WTF?

    Hey TuneCore,
    You have banned the artist that you sent this email to from your meeting as DMN printed it.
    Why would you do that?
    Are you sacred of your own customers?
    Paul should do an article on that

    • Paul Resnikoff

      That’s an error on our side, I assure you. It’s a capture problem we’ve actually resolved in dev., and will be releasing over the next few weeks (along with a number of other fixes and updates).
      Tunecore has no oversight or vote on who posts here.
      I hope Chris will re-post.

      • Chris

        Indeed I will – hope this problem with teh site is fixed as several times my comments don’t get posted it just copies the article again!My comment was along the lines of why it has taken Tunecore (and all other DIY distributors) so long to start offering YouTube when most other digital distributors (Believe, PIAS, Orchard, InGrooves etc.) have been offering it for years?

        • Yves Villeneuve

          You should probably ask Jeff Price that question.

  4. david@indigoboom

    As we have said earlier, we already do this for our artists. It enables them to monetize other people using their music not just their own use of it.
    This part of the service looks like it will grow in importance over the next years. For some it is already meaningful.
    David G

    • JTV Digital

      This is a very common service, surprisingly some US-based distributors, just like Audiam, tend to present this as a new thing…