4,000 Fans Are Now Bringing Toad the Wet Sprocket Back…

In case you’d soured on Kickstarter, lost faith in the power of niches, and even in the willingness of ‘fans’ to pay for stuff, there’s this.  It comes from Toad the Wet Sprocket, a band that went away in the 90s, then suddenly felt inspired to record their first album in 16 years.

The results, after just a few weeks, have been pretty remarkable.

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It’s tempting to think that those millions of Toad fans were just dying to hear another album.  But the reality is that most have moved on: the band actually reunited a few years ago, with smaller shows and limited touring for those that show up.  And less than 4,000 backers are bringing this Toad the Wet Sprocket project to live (and currently enjoying their new album before anyone else).

Which may remind you of another striking ratio.

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Written while listening to Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail on Grooveshark.

10 Responses

  1. Taylor

    I think far too many reviewers and “writers” are too quick to just brush these guys off, when the fact of the matter is these four men made 5 of the best written and arranged albums of their kind between 1988 and 1998. Glen Phillips has a voice that can be as edgy and angry as any other alt rocker or as smooth as James Taylor. they truly created a sound all their own and found a home in the heart of far more than 4,000 fans. I have seen them, as recently as last summer, pack a 6,000 person venue bodies shoulder to shoulder. and that’s just in my town. so while everyone may not have pledged, the want for another record from them extends far beyond those pledging. I guarentee you they have more than merely 4,000 fans. as a musician/producer and songwriter in my 20 years of work I have had numerous conversations, several quite random, about the band from other artists and writers. they are reveered for their craft and for the work they created together, which is pretty neat considering they were in high school when their first album came out. the fact that they now, as fathers of high schoolers of their own and solid musicians in their own post-ttws careers, can come together and be excited to work together again and find a spark that feels special to them again is pretty rare. most bands burn out. these guys walked away at the height of their game, and though the new music is different, older, wiser. they have come out of the gate after 16 years of silence with an album that may just be their strongest yet. I think prople are quick to scoff at the name moreso than anything else. and really, let’s grow up. an influential band returns, either enjoy it or leave it alone but don’t try to be snarky. I’ve already heard the new single sandwiched between Phoenix and Queens Of The Stone age, so Toad is back and radio seems to want them just as much as the fans do. get ready

    • Offy

      Taylor, why write a good article when you can just be snarky like everything else on the Internet?

  2. Henry Chatfield

    I think the better message to take away is that a band that has essentially disappeared now has a platform to reemerge and connect with fans if they desire to do so. Not only that, but it is an effective way to gauge audience interest and promote their new project. And I think that’s great.

  3. Me

    “Written while listening to Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail on Grooveshark.”


  4. Jelly463

    Fan boys aside, they also had from major label promotion and support just like Amanda Palmer. If you’re already well known it makes it much easier for a kickstarter campaign success.

  5. McDaggett

    Those perceived “millions of Toad fans” showcase your talent in mathematics, which clearly surpasses your writing skills. Look mom, I published an article… Good boy.

    • The Accountant

      Did Toad The Wet Sprocket not have two Platinum certified albums – which is bestowed for selling 1,000,000 copies in the US? I think it is more than safe to say their fans numbered in the millions during their heyday. Journalists are obliged to check their facts. If only everyone else would do the same prior to making snarky and inaccurate comments!