Bandzoogle Acquires Onesheet

Bandzoogle, an online platform for musicians to promote and sell directly to fans, has acquired Onesheet, a ‘mess-free’ social website developer.

Bandzoogle hopes to use Onesheet as a building and maintenance tool for independent artists.

Onesheet helps to consolidate the mass (and mess) of network feeds, commerce links, and other dangling threads in an artist’s web presence.  Bandzoogle’s CEO David Dufresne said, “For artists whose major focus in creating content on their social networks, Onesheet is the fastest, easiest and free way to create a permanent. mobile-friendly web presence.”

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When asked about the acquisition price, Dufresne declined to state any specifics but did say that “it is substantial for us and for them.” He also mentioned that Onesheet founder Brenden Mulligan told TechCrunch that “exact terms of deal are undisclosed but it was an all cash deal. The cash would be enough to fill a canoe, depending on size of canoe, currency, and denomination.”

Onesheet will be maintained as an independent product, awaiting its relaunch soon. Those interested in an early invite can sign-up now