TuneCore Partners Up with Gracenote and Shazam…

Digital music distributor TuneCore announced its partnerships with music identification technology companies Gracenote and Shazam.

In a press release, TuneCore COO Scott Ackerman said, “Our new partnerships with Gracenote and Shazam, and the integration of the artists’ music with their respective technologies, brings music discovery to an entirely new level, increasing the opportunity for artists to earn more revenue from the downloads and streams of their music from store partners including ITunes, Amazon MP3, Rdio and Spotify.”

This partnership aims to use Gracenote and Shazam technologies and databases increase artists’ exposure to more consumers by providing artist information, such as track titles and links to purchase the tracks.


6 Responses

    • Ms. Milli

      This is a very interesting collaboration indeed!

    • Tune Hunter

      Shazam Gracenote and Soundhound can only sale! No other way.

      No reason for excitment Mr. Tunecore – go back to the table and make them your best new era retailers – no ID just sales. As it is they work more often for pirates the musik industry

      Otherwise original Napster = Ford Pinto

      and Spotify = BMW325

      If it will stay this way musicians will go hungry and Ek with his Spotify will be the King of shrank industry.

  1. JTV Digital

    We’ve been supporting Gracenote for a while now.

    And Shazam comes soon as well.

  2. JasperinHongKong

    I wanna go to the launch party for this one!

  3. Chris

    My God this is AMAZING – PIAS, CI, IODA/ORCHARD, InGrooves did this in 2007!!Congratulations Tunecore in taking six years to catch up