Indie Music Retail Sales Are Up 44% In the UK…

This could certainly be a blip, especially since there are less then 300 indie music retailers left in Britain.  Then again, maybe those are the 300 that ultimately survive.

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Which might mean that the indie stores that haven’t closed may never close if the trend keeps up.  “The significance is that it comes against the background of decades of retrenchment for the indie sector,” said ERA executive Steve Redmond emailed.  “It suggests that despite the over-hyping of the ‘vinyl revival’, there is indeed a niche big enough to allow the UK’s remaining independents to flourish.”

Here’s a quick look at what happened between January and July, according to the Entertainment Retail Association (ERA).

Albums Sold by UK Indie Retailers

2012 (First Six Months): 914,879

2013 (First Six Months): 1,318,542

Difference: +44%

In the background are vinyl LPs, which are now mostly sold at indie retailers.  Consider these stats (also from the ERA): indie music retailers account for just 3.2 percent of total music sales, but more than 50 percent of total vinyl LP sales.  In fact, one in seven purchases at an indie retailer is now vinyl, compared to 1 in 250 for everyone else.

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And here are just some of the artists powering the turnaround (on vinyl, or otherwise)…

Which might explain this:

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Written while listening to Boards of Canada. 

4 Responses

  1. GGG

    Probably because there’s no Spotify in the UK.
    Oh wait….

  2. Aidan

    Anyone know if there is a similar report out there for Indie sales in the US? The only things I can really find are overall sales reports rather than ones through Indie stores.

  3. FarePlay

    As I posted, commented and reported earlier this week the demise of non-digitized pre-recorded music is highly overrated.
    People have a connection with non-digitized music that is very different. A shift in consciousness is really all that’s needed. I predict that vinyl sales will increase 30% annually a year for the next five years.
    Pulling that number out of thin air? Absolutely. Pass it on.
    P.S. Graham Jones got it right on his Brit doc. Last Shop Standing, which is available on all the usual legal online out lets. Or better yet buy you copy at your local specialty record store.