Arbitron Files Third Lawsuit Against a Broadcast Company This Year…

Lawsuits on lawsuits on lawsuits.

Either there is a terrible misunderstanding or someone is an outright bully. Arbitron, an international media and marketing research firm, has filed a complaint against yet another broadcast company this year, bringing the grand total to three unsettled lawsuits.

LM Communication is the latest to fall victim to Arbitron’s preying of radio stations’ unauthorized use of its ratings and audience data. Arbitron seeks $750,000 in damages because LM Communication is only subscribed for the Lexington, KY market but allegedly used data for radio stations in Charleston, SC.

Arbitron has also sued Saga Communications back in May and Renda Broadcasting in June for similar reasons, to which Saga most recently responded that Arbitron “has no copyright protection for facts, information, data or numerical rankings and that it has no right to prohibit a radio station from using that information…”



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