Microsoft Is Now Sending DMCA Takedown Notices to Itself…

Search for something like ‘Jay-Z free mp3’ on Bing, and the results look almost exactly the same as Google.  Not only are the results very similar, but both sets have pirated links removed based on complaints by Jay-Z’s label or management (which of course reappear within hours).

And that’s basically Jay-Z’s problem.

But what happens when the search engine you own (ie, Bing) points to pirated stuff that you also own?  This is the ‘result’ you get: not only does Bing link to cracked Microsoft software, it also suggests better ways to search for unlicensed versions.  But Bing also actively removes links to pirated software based on DMCA takedown requests from Microsoft (ie, itself).

“We submit DMCA notices to Bing as well as Google and others.”

Microsoft executive, in comments to Torrentfreak.

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  1. Visitor

    Microsoft is doing the right thing here. Bing is a search engine and should be treated as an independent operation. Otherwise there is no integrity and accountability.

    Did you ever worder who pays for Chilling Effects?