Katy Perry’s New Single ‘Roar’ a Rip-Off?

Rip-off allegations are rampant with the release of Katy Perry‘s new single “Roar.” The self-empowering song has been compared to another self-empowering song, “Brave,” by Sara Bareilles.

Perhaps mainstream pop songs are manufactured and limited. Whatever the case, plagiarism accusations are far from rare.

10 Responses

  1. Visitor

    “plagiarism accusations are far from rare”

    Yeah, they’re just a sign that everything’s well.

    No plagiarism accusations means that you haven’t made it yet.

  2. Derek

    One thing to remember is that Max Martin is listed as a writer and producer on the song. Given Katy Perry’s star power, it’s possible that she didn’t write more than a few words to that tune. On ASCAP “Roar” isn’t actually listed under her writing credits, although it’s not on Max’s either, so it’s possible it’s not showing up in the ACE system yet.

    People quickly point the finger at the performer, even if they may not have done a thing but sing the tune.

    • Winston

      One of the sad aspects of contemporary music is how frequently artists steal songwriting credits. When you see an artist listed with a professional songwriter chances are that the songwriter did 99 percent of the work and the artist is just getting an unearned credit. It is a standard fraud in the industry and why so many songs sound the same

    • Jeff

      Not plagiarism at all. Just a couple of pop songs around the same tempo and one word titles. Brave has a much more memorable hook and video. This minor controversy is good for Sara Bareilles because more people will be exposed to her much better song, video and artistry while comparing the two songs.

      • danwriter

        Add to that that they’re both in the same key: B-flat. Again, nothing to support a case for plagiarism.

  3. RVLouie

    Without listening to the song, the lyric video still looks like she’s calling out Cat Power in a serious way.

  4. GGG

    I’m glad Dr Luke, Max Martin, and Bonnie McKee are using their monumental influence to push music forward…

  5. Auxy

    Hmmmm, I was wondering did Will.I.Am produce Katy’s version, or……………………..