A New Series About the Music Industry Is Piloting on BitTorrent…

A new scripted series about the music industry is making its debut on the internet via BitTorrent. The pilot pitch for Fly or Die, directed by Joel Bergvall and produced by Converge Studios, is the latest BitTorrent Bundle (a storefront made for the internet’s creative community, where users can unlock artist content with either an email address or donation).

Fly or Die depicts the inner workings of the music industry as inspired by pop producers Rock Mafia, and attempts to tell the “true story of how music gets made.” Through BitTorrent, Fly or Die producers want the ultimate level of viewer engagement, with plot lines moving in directions guided by the audience.


9 Responses

  1. Visitor

    wow. seriously?



    two and a half minutes of my life I will never get back.

  2. Ron Yosef

    Funny how they do not show even one musician in the trailer…

  3. LookMomNoHands

    Didn’t Nickelodeon already make this show? Big Time Rush?

    • Beelzebubba

      Big Time Rush with swearing. A fantastic new twist. There’s a reason why it’s on BitTorrent… skip the “fly” and just die…

  4. Chris

    ” plot lines moving in directions guided by the audience.”Yes I can imagine that:”Steal it””Don’t pay anyone””I can’t download this for free – its censorship”Why anyone would want to listen to a word of what the thieves on that site say is beyond me.

  5. Shane - NRG Artists

    “Pop douchebags” should be the title for this one.

    And way to give the music industry a bad name. We aren’t all stupid like the characters in this series. This is a lame stereotype.

  6. flash

    the real story of how music gets made, but with story lines guided by the audience? So is it REAL, or guided by the audience? Hmmmm…. sounds like its destined for failure.