VEVO Enters Germany (Without YouTube)…

VEVO is the barnacle on the YouTube ship, right?  Not necessarily: as of this weekend, VEVO has launched in Germany without YouTube, a first for the joint venture.  The music video platform has successfully inked a rights deal with German rights society GEMA, which is currently enmeshed in a complicated legal and royalty war with YouTube.

Which means, YouTube music videos are largely blocked in the region, and an unworkable adjunct platform for VEVO.  “The launch in Germany is being supported by performing rights society GEMA and its artists,” the company confirmed to Digital Music News.

The question is whether VEVO will suffer over in a corner, without the giant YouTube traffic bullhorn.  As part of the workaround strategy, VEVO will focus on driving users to, as well as various iOS and Android apps. “German viewers will be able to access VEVO programming on, mobile web and free mobile and tablet Apps, Xbox and Apple TV,” the company continued.

As part of the announcement, VEVO also appointed Tina Funk as General Manager of VEVO Germany.


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  1. Tune Hunter


    It is so exxxciting we should stop and clap!

    Well, VEVO is a creation made under the influance of… and is equal to parent pushing the child into the street for prostituton!